Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend in Review

Saturday our family went in all different directions! Brooke was invited to a church festival thing with her friend, Zoey, so they came and picked her up and went to that. Arnold had a band thing so needed to go help load up equipment. And Caleb went swimming with his Paw and Grandma. That just left me and Rachel. I needed to do some school shopping since it was tax-free weekend and we finally had the lists online. So I headed off to Target with my 3 lists. Big mistake going on tax-free weekend because there were people everywhere. I couldn't even get through the aisles. There were moms everywhere with their lists trying to accomplish the same thing I was. There were some items on the lists that were very specific so I had to look around for them. I saw one mom asking her husband a million different questions like "which pencil case is cuter?!" Totally reminded me of myself, and I knew in that moment Arnold would be SO relieved he didn't have to go with me on this trip! ;) Rachel did pretty well and kept me company. I had bribed her that morning with a tube of mini M&M's though.. maybe that helped ;) And no I did NOT find everything on my list in that trip, but I got enough to count. After that Rachel and I celebrated by going to Sweet Frog's for some icecream :)
Saturday afternoon the band Arnold is in was playing at the local fairgrounds. It was a benefit for "Fallen Heros" and there were Firemen everywhere. (my friends can tell you I love me some firemen, ha! ;) They had different bands playing, and they had bounce houses set up, food, and firetrucks to go look at. It was miserably hot, but I am glad we went. Two of Brooke's best friends were there with their parents, so she got to play with them. We first went on search for sno-cones I heard they had. I even joined in and got a cherry one.. yum. It was so funny because I couldn't find where the band was anywhere.. that place was big. They had already started playing and actually a song came on that ARNOLD sings.. so I started following his voice.. and got closer.. and closer.. and then realized it was being played over a speaker! It was so surreal to hear my husband's voice blaring out for tons of people to hear! But I was proud ;)
Then we finally found the band and headed over. Although there was a ditch with mud everywhere we had to cross to get there. We jumped over, but Brooke slipped and fell right on her butt. She was COVERED in mud. Also she ripped a hole in her cup, and sno-cone juice started leaking all over her. So by the time we sat down she was covered in brown and red spots.. such a sight to see :P But we still had a good time.. we still got to hear the band play a few songs. And when they were finished the kids played in the bouncy houses for awhile.. until I couldn't stand the heat anymore. At that point sweat was pouring all over my body and I had to get out of there. So we headed back to the car and decided to get some dinner on the way home at Fatz. I hope they didn't mind that we went in looking like that.. they probably though I didn't care at all how my kids look. But at that point we were desperate for food and air conditioning!
Sunday morning I woke up with HORRIBLE pain in my right side. It was stabbing and just wouldn't let up. I was worried for awhile it might be my appendix. I took some pain pills and laid back down for awhile. I was almost going to go to the ER but it started to let up. I'm still not 100% sure what it was.. maybe I had another ovarian cyst.. I have had one before and they HURT!
Anyway, we wanted to do something Sunday so we decided last minute to drive up to Boone for the day. We put in the "Lorax" dvd for the kids to watch on the way. They usually get pretty restless and drive us nuts in the car. It was a beautiful day out and I enjoyed the drive.. even though I still wasn't feeling 100% better. We stopped on the way for lunch, at a place called Papa Joe's. It was a small Italian place and they had the BEST pizza.. it was so good and the cheese was melting right off it. The girls ate everything on their plates.. so you know it was good!
Then we went to some outlet stores down the road. We went to several places to look, but didn't so much actual buying. I was on the lookout for brown shoes for Rachel for school but didn't find any.. imagine that. I did get a few things in Carter's.. including Halloween shirts for Caleb and Rachel.. I am WAY ahead of the game this year! Can you believe they are already putting Halloween stuff out in stores? This year has flown by. Anyway, before we left we went to Killian's for some icecream. They are crazy expensive.. to the tune of $24 for all 5 of us to get some.. but it was really good. Then we decided we had had enough and headed back down the mountain. The kids were not as good on the way back, so we were definitely ready to get back!!! But it was a fun little day trip, and I'm glad we went!
on Saturday morning I found Arnold reading to the kids from the Children's Bible. Rachel always asks to hear more about God and it makes me so happy! :)

The kids and some friends dancing to the band on Saturday afternoon.

Enjoying her strawberry sno-cone. She was covered in red.

Brooke with 2 of her best friends, Emma and Ava.

Out to eat after the benefit, at Fatz. Brooke was so sweaty.

On the drive up the mountain on Sunday. So pretty!

The girls outside of Papa Joe's. Caleb was in a bad mood and wouldn't take a pic.

Drawing pictures of kittys while we waited on our food.

'Our BIG and delicious pizza we had for lunch!

Daddy and the kids eating icecream while we were in the mountains.

The halloween shirt I found for Rachel at the Carter's store :)

The shirt I got for Caleb.. I hope he doesn't get embarassed wearing it, but I couldn't resist! :)

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