Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Caleb's 6th Birthday-What We Did

Last we we celebrated Caleb's 6th birthday. His actual birthday was on a Thursday.  Arnold went into work for a half day, then took off the rest of the day for us to have fun. First thing that morning Caleb woke up early (along with his nosy sisters ha) because he was dying to open his presents. So we let him open them in our bedroom where we had been storing them. Then Arnold went into work and I got the kids ready and headed to Chuck E Cheese with a friend and her daughter, to start the fun early. We got a deal on 100 tokens and split them up between the kids, and they ran off to play games. The tokens did not last long!!!! I had picked up a cupcake cake at the store on the way, and so we had some cupcakes. We found one that looked like "Perry" from Phineas and Ferb, and Caleb loves that show, so it worked out great! We ate cupcakes in the morning.. before lunch.. we are rebels.. haha ;) Then the kids rounded up all their tickets and cashed them in for some prizes. At this age I still make them pool them all together and share the winnings.. works out I don't have to hear the fighting!
Then we headed down to Geppetto's and met Arnold for lunch. We had the yummy salad and pizza buffet. While we were there, a guy came buy and asked us if our kids were triplets!! No.. but sometimes it feels like it! They DO look just alike.. people tell us that all the time. After lunch we went across the street to the theater to see Smurfs 2. The kids never even saw the first movie (but Arnold and I did! ;) It was actually pretty good! There were several funny parts (and by the way-- Gargamel's (sp?) cat is HILARIOUS... ;) And the message was really good, also. I almost cried at the end.. I am such a sap! We have seen SO many kids' movies this summer it is unreal! We still hope to see "Planes" also, which just came out.
After the movies we headed to Toys R Us. They do this thing where they let the birthday kid get a crown and balloon.. and they send you a coupon, so we always let the kids pick out a small toy. Caleb got a lego set... he is really into his legos these days. They also had a deal going on so we picked up a few more sets.. for the girls.. so we spent more than we had planned. Man, our kids are so spoiled!!! ;) But to be fair, we went home after that and they played with the legos for a very long time! Later that night we went to Applebee's for dinner. Caleb had wanted to go to Olive Garden, but they had a 45 minute wait, and we weren't about to do that with the 3 kids.
At the end of that day I think we were all exhausted. And as you can tell, we LOVE birthdays here. We might go overboard but I always celebrated big when I was growing up, and I love doing it for my kids now! Happy 6th Birthday Caleb! We love you!!! :)
Opening gifts first thing in the morning! Lots of superhero toys, some ds games, and a watch :)

Playing some games at Chuck E Cheese with their friend, Kenzie

Getting ready to have some cupcakes. Isn't Perry cute?? :)

Getting some love from his lil sis and big sis at lunch :)

At the movies seeing Smurfs 2. Good movie!

Outside Toys R Us with his crown and toy he picked out.

At dinner that night, at Applebee's

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  1. I'm glad Caleb had a good birthday! We've seen a bunch of kids movies this summer too. We've been taking Joel's sister, and the truth is, we love them too! It's been a good summer for movies.