Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!


~We took Rachel in for her 4-year checkup yesterday. (2 months late, but whatever!) She is now 44lbs and 42 1/2 inches-- they say she jumped a LOT in height! She is going to be tall like the rest of us ;) She passed her hearing, vision, and all the other tests. She also had a finger prick and 3 more vaccines.. which was hard to watch :( But the Dr declared her ready for Preschool! Yay! :)

~I am working on favors for the kids' bday party this weekend. Brooke wanted a rainbow theme. Aren't these cute? They are rainbow colored twizzlers (yes, they make those!) and mini marshmellows! Arnold thinks it will be hard to package them up.. but we will see!

~And here is the idea for Caleb's part.. he wanted an Angry Birds theme. So this is easy and cute-- using M&M's or a similar candy and call it "Angry Bird Eggs." It could also be "Angry Bird Droppings" but that is kindof gross!!!

~Plum District had a Little Tikes Deal yesterday, so I picked up some more Christmas gifts for half off! Including this Lalaloopsy for Rachel! They had several on the website but I chose this one because everytime I see it in the store I think it is so pretty ;) And it has blonde hair like Rachel! Also-- are you impressed I am started Christmas shopping already?!

~After months and MONTHS of trying to get past level 29 on Candy Crush, my sweet hubby surprised me and beat the level for me. Some people would get mad at that, but I was just relieved to be moving on. I felt sort of stupid.. I hear people all the time talking about being in the levels of the "60s" or even "100s" and I wondered why I couldn't get past that stupid level!!!

~We don't get the channel to watch Duck Dynasty (I wish!) But we are addicted to the show like everyone else, so I buy the dvds when they come out to Amazon. This baby arrived the other day, and so we have been catching up this past week! I know everyone is excited about Season 4 starting up tonight! Let me know if it is good (I'm sure it will be!)

~My friend Jess and I went to the movies this past weekend. I had been wanting to see both Grown Ups 2 and We are the Millers. We went to Grown Ups 2 this time, though. It was pretty funny, but not the best. It jumped around a lot and was pretty random and silly! But what do you expect from Adam Sandler?! I love him by the way.. have the tiniest crush.. shhhh ;)

~Have been reading this book this week.. almost done. It has been pretty good.. I like to read all of Kristin Hannah's books. But the mom is in the military and the part where she goes off to Iraq is sad! She has two young daughters and I was just bawling at certain parts. I am so thankful for the families who allow their family members to go off and protect our country. I don't think I'd be strong enough to watch my husband go away from us for that long!! :(

~Caleb is officially signed up for soccer! This will be his first sport ever, so I hope he does well (mostly I hope he doesn't whine and complain--ha!) The other day we went into "Play it Again Sports" which is an awesome sports consingment store in the area. We got him soccer cleats, shin gaurds, and a soccer ball. Only the soccer ball was used, but we got a great deal on everything! Arnold has been running the kids around the house trying to get Caleb ready for practices, which should be starting up soon! 
~I have been productive today and been working on cleaning out our closet. (yes, again-- it never seems to stay organized for long!) I made a HUGE pile of clothes that I found that don't fit or I don't wear anymore. It felt good to get all that stuff out. I made a pile to take to a local crisis ministry (where my mom works at actually!) and I am going to donate a box of stuff later this week. It felt SO good to get rid of so much stuff.. I swear I could be a minimalist except for the fact I am so dang sentimental and have a hard time throwing stuff out!!
~Next Tuesday night is "Meet the Teacher" night at the Elementary school. I can't wait to go in and see who Brooke got this year, and to see Caleb's teacher again (who we already know.) I can't believe there is only 12 days left until school starts! (although I can say the kids are READY!)
~Tomorrow we go in for the LAST (finally) installment of appointments for Brooke to get all her dental work done. Poor girl has been through SO much with her health and teeth.. I just want her to get a break! Thankfully we have great dentists who make it so easy on her (and us-- ha!) And thankfully this time we have the money upfront to pay for her work (it is so expensive!) So please say a little prayer for her, if you would! :)

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  1. I think I'm going to try watching Duck Dynasty again. I tried once and couldn't get into it, but I have to see what the hype is all about! I liked the first Grown Ups a little better than the second. It was still funny though, and I have a little crush on Sandler too!