Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Caleb at 6 Years!

Tomorrow my little guy is turning 6 years old! Doesn't seem like it is time! 6 years ago, towards the end of my pregnancy, they found out that he was breech (upside down) so they wanted to either try to turn him or schedule me for a c-section. I did not want to have a c-section so they admitted me to the hospital.. and 2 male doctors with very large, strong hands (ha) turned Caleb manually.. from the outside of my stomach. It HURT, believe me. But it was worth it so I could have a normal labor. They then induced me and I spent the day walking the halls. He took forever to come out, he is stubborn! 12 hours later I was ready to push, and at 6:35pm he was born! He came out crying and peed all over Arnold's foot! Ha! It is true what they say about little boys.. he later peed on our wall when getting his diaper changed! He was 7lbs even, and so skinny and tiny. Even though him and Brooke were LESS than a year apart, we were so happy to add him to the family :)
Today Caleb is still a stubborn little boy, but he is so sweet-natured and sensitive. He reminds me of myself. He is always the one who will notice if I am dressed up, and tell me I look nice :) He was the one who had a hard time leaving me on his first day of school, he just cried and cried :( He has a great mind for detail, and will spend forever coloring his page until he gets it just right. He loves to play with little toys and loves taking things apart and putting them back together again (he got all that from his Daddy!) He also could spend all day playing with legos. He likes to ride his bike outside but is more of an indoor person. He really looks up to his dad and tries to be just like him. These days he is very into superheros and gets excited whenever a new superhero movie comes out because he knows his daddy will take him to see it (he wants to see it just as bad! ;) 
Here is a survey I do every year on the kids birthdays to remember what they are like that year, and see how they have changed (these are Caleb's answers):
Fave Color? Blue and red
Fave animal? Cats
Fave Book? The Cat Alphabet (a book my mom got his last Christmas)
Fave Tv Show? Mario (the version from the 90s!)
Fave Movie? Batman
Fave Food? Pizza
Fave Drink? Orange juice
Fave Snack? Crackers
Fave Holiday? Christmas
Fave Toy? Batman figurine
Fave Video Game? Indiana Jones
Fave Season? Winter (he likes snow)
Fave Restaurant? Pizza Hut
Fave place to go? Toys R Us
Fave thing to do? Watch tv and play with toys
Fave thing to do outside? Ride bike and swing
Fave thing to wear? Batman shirt (can you tell he likes Batman?!)
What do you want to be when you grow up? An artist (specifically painting ;)
What do you sleep with at night? Dino pillowpet and Rabbit
Who is your best friend? Tucker
And here is a look back at Caleb through the years. Looking through these pictures this week made me tear up!!!
Caleb the day he was born

Around 6 months old

On his 1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday. He had a "sports" themed pool party

4th Birthday. Playing at Hickory Dickory Dock

5th Birthday. At Toys R Us

And recently, at the dentist. Just about 6 years old!!! :)

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