Monday, October 3, 2011

1st Weekend of October!

This weekend was crazy!!! (when are they not?!) But i had so much fun! I got to see so many of my best friends, all in the same weekend! I love times like that. I always feel so refreshed and uplifted after spending time with those that I care alot about. I am blessed with wonderful family and friends! :)

Friday I met up with Jackie and her son Logan. We went into Jitterbugs first (a local kids' consignment store). I dont go up that way too often so I wanted to look. I found a few things, I am a sucker for kids' books, so I got some new ones. Rachel was convinced she was getting the Dora clothes hamper she picked up, but I snuck it back in when she wasnt looking ;) I dont know WHERE she got her love for Dora.. we never watched it that much at all, but she is all about some Dora! Anyway, then we went to RITAS!!! They didnt have any of my fave flavors on the list that day (Lemonade, Strawberry Margarita, or Pina Colada) so i tried Rasberry and it was pretty good! Guess its a good thing I was stuck trying a new flavor because I tend to stick to what I know, and never try new things ;) I got one that Rachel and I could share, but she pulled the cup over to her side of the table, said "BAD GIRL! MINE!!!!" Yes, she is still calling me Bad Girl when she is mad at me... It is hilarious but frustrating at the same time ;) She basically stole the italian ice away from me, but I eventually got her to give it back ;) Lastly we went to Hobby Lobby and looked around.. I love that store! They had all the Christmas stuff out so I loved looking at all the ornaments. While we were in there someone dropped and busted a glass thing all over the floor.. Im just glad it wasnt Rachel!!

Later that evening I met up with my friend Natalie and went to the movies to see Abduction. The movie with Taylor Lautner ;) Yes i STILL love him, and dont care that he is younger than me.. he IS legal, and he IS gorgeous!!! ;) The theater was PACKED. Most people were there for the opening night of "Courageous." Its a movie made by the same people that made "Fireproof." I actually want to see it really bad, but Im trying to get it arranged for our lifegroup to go see it together. Anyway, its funny because Arnold was joking around and making fun of me before I went, and swore that Taylor would take his shirt off in the movie, and probably very soon. I am not kidding-- within 10 mins into the movie his shirt was OFF. Not that im complaining... haha! But it was funny! The movie was pretty good.. I dont like action that much at all. Id call it more of a pyschological thriller though. It kept me wondering what would happen next and it kindof messed with my mind there for a little while. I wont give any of it away, but id recommend it. At least to rent! I had an awesome time with Natalie too, we had been trying to get together for the longest time, but stuff kept getting in the way.

Saturday morning Brooke and I met up with Jess and baby Hunter to look at some stuff for her wedding. Its coming up soon and Im so excited for her! I am hoping to help her out as much as possible. And of course I was THRILLED to get to see Hunter.. he has grown so much its incredible! She let me carry him while we were walking through the stores so you know I was in heaven ;) He has the most adorable baby face in the world, I could just squeeze his cheeks! We went into Kohls.. and they have their new KOHLS CARES stuff out for kids. If you know the book "On the Night you were Born" (which is awesome by the way.. we have it and its one of our faves!) The books out now are by the same author. We picked up another one in the collection and ill probably save it for Christmas. That day it was WINDY and chilly.. so Jess had to take Hunter home so he wouldnt get sick. So Brooke and I met back up with Arnold and the kids and we went out for awhile. We went to some yardsales, but there wasnt many left out since it was so late. We DID find a place where the lady gave away a play tent to Brooke because it was so late in the day. We got home to put it together and it was missing a pole! But the kids still played under the leaning tent.. it was so funny. Then we went to lunch at Backyard burger before we went back home.

Saturday night Arnold and i went on a double-date with Erika and Billy. I am soo glad they asked us out, because just earlier that morning I told Arnold that it had been awhile since we went out alone and we NEEDED a date! We went to Chilis, and they had a coupon out to get 2 margaritas, an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a shared dessert for a certain price. Since im not drinking anymore Arnold got both the margaritas.. not that he minded ;) And then we got the chips and dip, he got chicken fajitas and I got chicken tenders, and we got the chocolate chip paradise pie for dessert (which i ate most of since arnold was stuffed by then) Is anyone hungry now, HAHA! It was sooo good. And the company was good too, of course. We all talked and had some good laughs. Love that we have another great couple to hang out with. We need to do it more often! (hint hint Erika!! ;)

Sunday morning we got ready and went to church. It was really chilly so the kids got to wear some of their new Fall clothes again. Rachel wore her ADORABLE halloween dress. I had gotten it earlier in the year at a YARDSALE (can you believe it!?) and it looks brand new. Jesse started a new series of sermons called "End of the World" and yesterday's message was really awesome.. I learned a lot that I had actually been questioning for quite some time. After church we went home and had lunch, then got ready for the parade. A local highschool had their homecoming parade, and Brooke's Kindergarten class got to be in it. Arnold's friend actually drove the truck and pulled the kids and their teachers. The whole family went out to watch her in the parade.. and the kids had blast having candy thrown at them by all the people in the parade. And Brooke was in heaven.. she has already perfected her parade wave ;) And it ended up not being that cold after all, the weather was so beautiful yesterday!!

So now we're back to Monday again (*sigh*) But im looking forward to a lot of fun things this week so it might not be too bad! Everyone have a great week!!

Aunt Abby and baby Hunter at Kohls. Look at his precious little smile! :)

The family at Backyard Burger on Saturday
Arnold and I on the Double Date ;)

Erika and I outside of Chilis

Brooke in the parade. The banner said "Future Class of 2024!" That is just not cool, makes me want to cry thinking about it!!!!! Thats her teacher sitting behind her.

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