Thursday, October 20, 2011

6 Years!

Since this Oct. marks 6 years since I met and started dating Arnold, i thought I would write a blog about us and in honor of us :) I can't believe its been 6 years already, it seems like a lot longer! ;) 6 years ago in Oct of 2005 we met. I didn't even really like him at first (and he knows this!) Our very first date was going to Pizza Hut for dinner, then to the movies, then to Oktoberfest. Then after a few days something just seemed to click and I realized that I really, really liked this guy! He was sweet, caring, thoughtful.. and I started to think the world of him! After that we were pretty much inseperable. I am so thankful to God for placing him in my life. We were married in Jan. of 2006. And in these past 6 years we have been through a LOT. Some people say we have been through more in our 6 years than some people go through in a lifetime. Its been a crazy ride, thats for sure.

And here are some of the things we have gone through in the past 6 years..

~2,000 some days together, and until recently, they were all in a row!

~3 pregnancies, and the births of our 3 amazing children

~A "threatend" miscarriage

~The loss of two childhood dogs (his Scarlett and my Macy)

~Dozens of concerts together, including Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd (several times), Joe Bonamassa, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Dave Matthews Band, Hootie & The Blowfish, and several others.

~A few big fights that almost broke us, but they didnt.

~Major health scares with our parents

~Watching our daughter go through an EEG, MRI, and several other tests and learning she has epilepsy.

~The loss of a wonderful Aunt in 2010, who we still miss every single day

~A near-death experience that landed me in the hospital for over a week

~The decision not to have any more children after my big health scare

~3 surgeries and recoveries

~Big milestone birthdays (my 21st and we're almost to Arnold's 30th!!)

~Took a marriage class that transformed our marriage

~Several sleepless nights, tears cried, cleanup of pee, poop, puke and other unmentionables, stomach bugs, pink eye, Hand, food, and Mouth disease.

~Getting the stomach bug together, and having to have our parents watch the kids while we laid in bed together, and too turns puking ;)

~Started attending a church we loved, joined a lifegroup, taken classes, and now decided to join that church together next month.

There are lots and lots more stories and memories, but I could go on for days ;) The main point is that we have been through so much, and yet come out so much stronger together. I cant imagine going through life with anyone else by my side. Arnold is my supporter, best friend, and love for life. Happy 6 Years honey! :)

And for some laughs and enjoyment, here are some pics of Arnold and I over the past 6 years ;)

When we first met. Yes, his hair was almost as long as mine! I loved it!

Our wedding day, on Jan 21st, 2006
on Calebs 2nd birthday, 2009

Pregnant with Rachel

Fall, 2009

Arnold's 29th Birthday

Our 5 year wedding anniversary

Trip to the mtns for our anniversary

And most recently, in Blowing Rock. Oct 2011!

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