Friday, October 28, 2011

Love of Fall!

Ok so this is sort of out of order, didnt mean to do that! But THANKSGIVING! I love all the foods and spending time with Family. My mom always has a dinner at her house. Have I mentione what a fabulous cook she is? Both my parents are. And I know what you're thinking.. No I DIDNT inherit that from them! ;) Which is why I've never hosted Thanksgiving myself.. who would want to eat that?! ;)

Breaking out the sweaters! And other warm clothes. I love the look of a sweater. They are so warm and cozy, too. I love wearing sweaters, hoodies, and cute jackets. Arnold got me a cute khaki colored jacket for this Fall, and Ive worn it alot already. Plus, with my brown hair and brown eyes, they say "fall colors" look best on me, so I guess I love this time of year for that too!

The Mountains! Taking day trips up there with Arnold or the family. I am so thankful we live in the state we do, so a drive to the beautiful mountains doesnt take long at all! Arnold and I have already taken a day trip once this Fall, and hope to go again soon with the kids. Something about the cool air, changing leaves, picnics, hiking, and "mountain products!" (family joke!)

Halloween candy! Oh man, I love this time of year for all the candy they put out. Although Im sure my waistline doesnt care for it very much! I always love to buy candy corn, candy corn pumpkins, M&Ms, and other yummy goodies. And then the few days after Halloween when they put it on clearance is the best.. you can really stock up! Yeah i am big on chocolate, I wont lie! I have been known to "steal" candy from the kids' buckets after they have been out trick-or-treating. My faves are Reese cups and 3 Musketeers!

The actual holiday of Halloween! Its fun. Although I dont like any scary aspects of it. I know Im weird.. I know its alot of peoples favorite holiday ever. But im a big wimp AND i have a weak stomach, so.. I dont like any scary things or gory stuff. Thats why i dont go to haunted houses, or Scarowinds, or other things like that. I also dont allow the kids to dress up in anything "evil" or "scary" (but thats more along the lines with our beliefs) But i dont mind them dressing up and having fun. we mostly go to Church Trunk or Treats where they can have good, safe fun. And now If you didnt already think I was lame... now you do!!! ;) haha.

Oh I get soo excited in September when our tv shows start back up again! I love watching all the premieres. I feel lost all Summer because there is nothing to watch, unless you like reruns. I become a bigtime tv junkie in the fall. I know thats not good, but its my de-stressing time at night after the kids have gone to bed! So I was excited to see the returns of The Office, Big Bang Theory, Raising Hope, Glee, The Middle, and Modern Family. And we picked up watching Rules of Engagement, Mike & Molly, and the New Girl. I get sad if I miss any new episodes of "my shows." Any other suggestions of good ones????

Changing leaves! This one is a given. But theres something about Fall that just makes everything look so beautiful. I love seeing all the leaves change colors. And then the leaves fall off the trees and they cover the yards. The kids have actually helped their Paw rake leaves a few times this fall, and they love to jump in the leaves. I need to try to get pictures of that soon.. so sweet!

Curling up with a blanket! Love to curl up at night and either watch tv with Arnold, or read a good book. Its so cozy and really says "Fall is here." But with the chilly mornings it makes it even harder to get out of bed in the mornings! And Im already not a morning person!

All the good smells! I especially like Apple Cinnamon scent. I light lots more candles around this time of year, and particularly love Fall scents. I also went to Bath & Body works and got some hand soaps for the bathroom and kitchen that smell like pumpkin!

Black Friday shopping! I've actually only gone a few years. I really do love the thrill of it. More so BEFORE the actual day.. thinking about all the possible scores I could get. Everyone knows I LOVE a good deal. But the other parts of it are not so fun, like watiting in long lines (I am so impatient), the weather (last year it was cold AND raining on us), and facing the crowds. But its a fun tradition if you like that sort of thing. I have been going with my Sister-in-Law, Jenn. We like to hit up Kohls and Target, at least. I am not sure If i will go this year, guess it depends on how the ads look, and if we have the extra $$$.

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