Monday, October 10, 2011

Jam-Packed Thursday

Thursday morning Rachel and I went out shopping before we went to Arnold's work to have lunch with him. At Kohl's they had some of their bedding on clearance, and I found Brooke a twin set that had a comforter and sham for $17.99, I was so excited. She will love it. I also picked up two more books from the Kohls' Cares stuff thats out right now. I am saving them for Christmas. The books are just precious this time around! Then around 11 we went and picked up lunch at Taco Bell for us and Arnold. His mom usually packs his lunch every day for work (Yes im serious!! His dad and him work at the same company, so she just went ahead and sends an extra lunch to him every day too.. works out great, saves us money! ;) But anyway, his Mom and Dad were both off work this week on vacation so I took him lunch. We had lunch outside his work on the picnic tables and then took some laps around the building for some exercise.. much to Rachel's protest, haha :)

After lunch, Rachel and I headed to a local flower shop to order a plant. A member of our lifegroup had recently lost her Grandmother, and we gathered money to send her family a plant to let them know we were thinking of them. This is just one example of how wonderful lifegroups are. The group genuinely cares about one another, and is there to support and encourage along the way, through lifes ups and downs. It means the world to me, and Im so glad I joined one! Anyway, since Ive somehow taken over an "admin role" to help Ray out, I took up the money and went to order the flowers. I dont know much about flowers and plants (the ones Ive had in the past have died pretty quickly!) I told them I didnt care what they sent, as long as it was nice.. since they obviously knew what they were doing! They ended up sending peace lillies, and I heard they were really pretty, so I am happy! And the service there was great by the way, they even gave Rachel a free smiley face balloon while she was waiting. Thanks to Jamie for recommending the place to me!!

And then one more stop before we went home.. we went to Ritas! Yes, again! We met Erika and Mackenzie there.. they had never been, and I swore Id get her hooked too, which I did ;) Erika got pumpkin pie italian ice (i dont like pumpkin pie, but she swears it was good!) and I got Wild black cherry, because they didnt have any of "my flavors" that day. So now I have tried five different flavors in all, and I liked them all, but I think strawberry margarita will always be my favorite!! The girls shared a "smores" italian ice. They seemed to love it, and made quite the mess. Rachel ended up spilling a lot of hers on the floor and the girl working mopped it up for us.. thank goodness she was a nice person.. some people get very irritated when kids make messes! After we finished, we went outside and tried to get a few pictures of the girls together. When we told them it was time to say bye-bye, they gave each other a hug! It was the most precious thing ever! I am so happy Rachel has a friend that she can play with throughout the week while the big kids are at school. Her and Kenzie have become quite the BFFs!!! :) :) Just like their moms ;)

That evening I went to the volunteer banquet for the Pregnancy Care Center. They had a big dinner at a local church to "celebrate all the volunteers" and what they do there at the center. I had originally wanted Arnold to go with me as my guest, but we couldnt find sitters. So Erika stepped in as my date! ;) First off, I wasnt even sure if Id make it there, because I had NO clue where this church was, and everyone knows how I am with directions. But I followed the directions on what it said online and somehow ended up finding the actual road by MISTAKE. I kept looking for a certain road in the step BEFORE the actual road, and somehow ended up driving by the church. I was pleasantly surprised, thats the easiest Ive ever found anything! ;) Anyway, the place was decorated so nicely, with fall decorations on the tables and walls. The thing about being a volunteer (especially a call-in for now) I dont know that many people. There are TONS of volunteers, but only a select few I get to see on the particular nights I work. So I didnt know hardly anybody there, so I just picked a random table to sit at. But the people there seemed very nice, and it was comfortable talking to them. It was funny because everyone who came up to say Hi to me, I made sure to tell them Arnold couldnt make it, so my friend Erika filled in. Just about everyone brought their husbands as their guest, so Im sure I looked funny with another girl there but Erika was a good sport about it ;) Did i mention what a GOOD date she was? She even offered to cut up my chicken for me. But let me back up.. for dinner they had CHICKEN ON A BONE. Ahh everyone knows I dont eat meat on the bone.. call me weird, but it just grosses me out. But thats all they had, so I tried to be polite.. even though I was feeling a little queasy! Erika even took a picture of it with her phone to prove to Arnold that I had eaten it ;) Halfway thru the process of trying to cut pieces off my plastic knife broke off in the middle of the chicken. I think the people at the table were pretty amused. I however gave up! At least the rest of the food was good.. potatoes, green beans, and a big cake for dessert! After we ate, the head of the center talked for awhile and then had different groups stand up and introduce themselves. I was not only the youngest there, but the one who had been there the least amount of time. Everyone was saying Ive been here BLANK years, and I said Um... 2 months! Haha, but at least its a start! I love what I am doing, and I am excited about it, because God seems to be doing big things there! I loved hearing the stories and personal testimonies of people that stood up and talked about things that had happened while they had been working there. And some peoople have been volunteering there for over 10 YEARS. Now that is dedication people! Anyway, I had a great time, and I am so thankful to Erika, who took time out of her busy schedule to be there for me, it meant a lot to me! And when we left, and it was dark, I was thankful to her for leading me out of there and letting me follow her so I didnt get lost. Did i mention that she is the BEST?! She is a great friend!!!! :) :)

My torn-apart chicken! hahaha!

Rachel and Kenzie-- best buds!
Giving each other a hug! :) :)

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