Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

~I gained two more followers! Now up to 46! Haha, i feel special :)

~Rachel has now started telling me when she needs to be changed. She will come up to me and say "IM WET!" or "CHANGE CHANGE!" Isnt that one of the signs of being ready to start potty-training? we've tried her out on the potty before but she usually just runs away screaming.. so I gave up on that!

~I saved my game pieces from Mcdonalds the other day, and I got a free Mcflurry! Score! haha! We went out for icecream the other night and I was able to cash it in and get one with M&Ms. I always pick around with Arnold and ask him what he would do if we won $$$ from the game, and he just rolls his eyes at me. Hey, its ok to dream, right?! :)

~So Brooke's Girlscout nut sales end this weekend. ive tried to get some sales, but failed miserably. I told yall I was a bad salesperson! Then Arnold took her sheet into work and came home with 9 orders! I have an awesome husband! I asked him how he did it, and he said it helps to actually see the people in person and they usually dont say no when you corner them ;) I told Brooke shed better hug her daddy and thank him when he got home, for all his help! She now has enough orders for the patches and we'll see how many more orders I can get before the weekend.. still gotta hit up the grandparents ;)

~The other night I was reading an interesting article online. I like to read (no shocker there!) and I know lots of useless trivia. but anyway! It was about the "8 most common birth defects." Did yall know that dimples are a birth defect?! Who knew?! Something about shortened facial muscles. Arnold has one, and I absolutely love it! it looks so sexy when he smiles. I was joking around with him and told him he was "defected." ;) But see? you learn something new every day!

~Brooke came home with another "frowny face" in her planner this week. She said she got it for talking at lunch. Her teacher is VERY oldschool and they have strict rules even at lunch. I think they have to whisper only and she was too loud? But anyway.. I asked her if she had to walk laps for it and she said no, because it was raining. Well thank goodness for that! Somedays I am thankful for her teacher's discipline methods, and somedays I think shes too harsh. I dont know what to think. This mom thing is harder than I ever realized!!

~I loved the "Crazy Love" book by Francis Chan so much that I decided to try another one of his books. The other day when Barnes and Noble offered a 15% off coupon online (i always get into trouble with those!!) I ordered "Forgotten God." It is supposed to be delivered today actually, and Im getting excited about reading it! In the meantime, I am reading the last in the "House of Hope" series by Neta Jackson. She is a great writer, also. Then I need to hit up my friend Jackie to read the rest of Nicholas Sparks books that I never got around to reading. She is a big fan, so has most of his collection ;)

~Tuesdays nights are bumming me out right now. They have the games on Fox right now, so that means Glee and Raising Hope wont be coming back until next month! Boooo! But I heard that Damien from GLEE PROJECT is supposed to appear on the next episode that comes on, so I cant wait to see that. He was my favorite on the show! And he won!

~I have been trying to save money this week, and I have not gone ANYWHERE. I guess it helps that its been cold and rainy, and that my friend Erika, whom I usually meet up with alot, has been busy. But that just makes me feel blah, because I get stuck in these ruts where all I want to do is sit on the computer or whatever. I like the days when Rachel and I get out of the house and stay busy. Maybe next week will be better!

~Calebs assistant teacher is pregnant! I hadnt wanted to ask her anything, just in case, but now there is an obvious baby bump and I saw her the other day in car-rider line with the infamous stand.. hands on hips, with stomach sticking out a little :) She is so cute. She is tall and thin so its taken her longer to show I guess. I wonder when shes due?! I want to buy her a baby gift! haha.. I know.. I am sick arent I? I just love babies! But i really am excited for her!! :)

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