Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

~Well it turns out Arnold is ok (and im relieved!) Our family dr sent him back to the ER because he thought it was appendix too, and he was supposed to me a surgeon there to talk to him about it.. turns out it was the same guy who did my gallbladder surgery. My mom watched the kids while I sat with him in the hospital, although all we did was wait forever. Eventually a dr came in and said that his white blood cell count was back down again, and since he wasnt worsening, the surgeon would not operate on him. They said it could have been a viral thing all alone, but theres no way to know 100%. So he is NOT having to get surgery, and that is awesome news. Kindof stinks that we spent $320 in figuring that out because drs kept stringing us along, but most importantly I am glad Arnold is ok and feeling better. He is already back to work! Thanks to everyone for all the prayers! :)

~So i finished Tina Fey's book "Bossypants" last night. It wasnt as good as I had imagined it would be. Plus I found out a lot of things about her that I didnt really care for, but I guess that can be true with anyone. She is a serious liberal (which I kindof already knew that) and she was also pretty blasphemous in her book, which I didn't care for at all. But its over and done with, and Id never say I really wasted time on a book.

~I was taking Brooke to girlscouts last night and all of a sudden felt us run over something. I thought Hmmm, there is not a speedbump there! And as I drive past I look back and see something in the road, but Im not sure what. So on the way back home I look closely and what is it? None other than a squirrel. A dead squirrel. Flat as a pancake. Poor thing :( I hate that I did that. This makes the 2nd known animal that Ive run over since I have been driving.. not bad for my 10 years I guess! I also ran over one back in highschool. I know its just a rodent, but I have such a sensitive heart for most living things, so RIP little buddy!!

~Speaking of the car ride home.. I was trying to hurry up and get home because it had been a LONG day and I was ready to put Brooke and the other kids to bed. Of course we got stuck behind this person that was going 25 in a 35.. so I would have been going about 15 mph faster than him.. and it felt like we were dragging along so slowly. I must have gotten a little to close to them because they did a brake check on me. I was a few inches from hitting them! Oh and yeah, that set me off. I try to be a kind person, but I was ticked. So I laid down on my horn.. for a good 10 seconds or so. Thank goodness there was no one else on the road at the time to witness this! That must have ticked them off because they did another brake check on me, and faster this time. So yep.. I laid down the horn again. And thank GOODNESS that just happened to be at the point where I was turning off anyway. And at that moment I remembered that Brooke was in the backseat and had seen all that, and then I felt bad. I have horrible road rage, and I always blame it on my Father (if you saw him drive you would so know what I mean!!) Hey, I never said I was perfect! Im just glad we were home in 1 piece! And i know, I know, Ill try to be more patient in the future.. but it really is hard!! Yes, again. Yes, my backup pair. So if I dont find them I am majorly screwed. Either Ill have to drive around without them, or go get another eye exam and pay for a new pair. I've looked all over the place for them.. I have seriously no clue where they could be. This is another one of my big faults, I.lose.everything!!! Just ask Arnold, I know it bugs him to no end. I would lose my head if it wasnt attached (I know thats a corny saying, but its appropriate for this situation) But to be fair, Im not as bad as some people I know at forgetting things! (COUGH COUGH Ray!!!) ;)

~Last night after the kids were in bed I watched the Dr Oz show. It was on "The Top 5 Secrets Men dont want you to Know." How I got Arnold to watch the show with me, Ill never know. I guess he wanted to see what other guys had to say. For the record, I already knew all those "secrets." Especially the one about guys envying their single friends because they still have freedom and now they have to "answer to" their wives! How do I know this? Because Arnold and I have had numerous fights over this very thing! So nice try guys, but we pretty much have you figured out already! But it was an interesting show.. I love Dr Oz. Go to him for my health advice and Dr Phil for my relationship advice ;) Haha.

~Last night Arnold came into the bedroom and brought me a drawing Brooke had made of our family. He said to see if I noticed anything out of the ordinary. Well I looked at it, and I saw a house, a sun, and then a lot of things that looked just like... well.. male reproductive parts! I know I can say the word on here but I am pretty modest and I know Id blush just typing it ;) So i sat there, and sat there some more, studying this picture. Arnold said he wished he could have taken a pic of my face and my shocked expression. I know she doesnt know that what she drew looked like that, but WOW! And Id like to think I am really not THAT dirty-minded, but it looked THAT much like them. I thought about taking a picture of it and putting it on here, but didnt. I plan on keeping that picture though, and maybe embarassing her one day when shes older ;) So from now on I guess I will be worrying about what her drawings look like at school!

~Only 3 more days until our girls' trip! I am stoked! I am a little (ok a LOT) worried about getting lost on the way to Lauryn's house, since she lives so far away from me and I've only been down there a few times, but I am trying to keep the faith that I will get us there! A girls' day is just what we need! I am waiting to see what Arnold's paycheck looks like tomorrow to see how much $$$ I'll have to take with me on the trip. Now Im LOVING the fact that he had so many overtime hours the last two weeks ;) Haha, love you Honey! And girls get ready.. because Sat. morning we are out of here!!! :)

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