Monday, October 17, 2011

The Weekend!

Friday morning I spent my time cleaning up the house like a mad woman. Its incredible how quickly the kids can trash this place, seriously!! At 11:30 Mom came over and we went to the school to have lunch with Brooke and Caleb. it was funny because the day before Brooke told me "youd better call Grandma and tell her to come have lunch with me!" And of course my Mom never turns her down ;) But anyway, we waited in the lunchroom FOREVER and couldn't figure out why we never did see Caleb (his lunch time is first) and finally we went back to his classroom to ask, and his teacher told us that they were eating in the classroom that day. Thank goodness we walked back there, we at least got to see him for a few minutes before his lunch was over! Then we went to see Brooke, and we got to see first-hand how strict her teacher is at lunch, those kids were QUIET! I guess she really knows what shes doing, although I still think sometimes she can be too harsh! When we left the school, Mom took Rachel and me to the Christian bookstore and I looked around for a new Bible. I got a "Women of Faith" bible, and its purple leather on the outside, and I love it! It has lots of interesting side notes, and it looked like something id really like. Mom got it for me as a gift. I am looking forward to using it as I get more into Bible study these days :)

That evening we went to a Halloween party Joanne had at her house. The kids got to wear their Halloween costumes, so they were ecstatic. Thank goodness it was pretty warm out, because Brooke's costume is pretty short and thin. We couldnt find Calebs mask that went along with his costume (he had been playing with it lately) and so he wore another mask, so he was mismatched, but oh well, of course no one cared! ;) The party was a lot of fun, we ate, had cupcakes, and the kids played and then did a craft and played Pin-the-mouth on the skeleton. Arnold ate waay too much sugar while there and was pretty hyper (hes as bad as a kid!) I thought he would complain that I dragged him to another kids' party, but he seemed to have a pretty good time too ;) Too bad Rachel wouldnt keep her hat on.. her costume is sooo cute! I loved it on her! Before we went home, Joanne and I played Singstar and we sang "Poker Face." It was hilarious because I was belting it out and everyone was making fun of me and Rachel was even crying ;) Turns out Arnold took a video of it and was begging me to post it on FB but I said no way ;)

Saturday morning I took Brooke with me to the grocery store to do our shopping. I am not a morning person at all, but turns out that early is the time to go, because the store was prety much bare, and I got in and out of there pretty quick-- gotta remember that!! Around lunch time I took the big kids to Jackie's house for her son Chris' birthday party. We all ate and then had some of the Pirates of the Carribean cake (which was so yummy by the way!) and then we stood outside and talked while the kids played. When we got home we went out and took some things by OUAC to sell, and we actually did pretty good making some extra $$$, so I was happy. And then we went to Walmart to buy some household things and snacks. You can tell I was trying to save money this week if I went to Walmart, I hate that place.. it just stresses me out bigtime!!!

Sunday we got ready and went to church. It was the last message on "The End of the World" and I really enjoyed it. Hardly anyone was at church.. they were either sick, or slept in or something!! I missed seeing all my buddies! After church we went and got some lunch real quick, then took the kids to the park. I love that is is already October and still warm enough to play outside alot! Although it looks like the weather will start really cooling down in anotherd day or two, so we'll see! And that afternoon the kids worked on coloring their face masks their Grandma had brought them home from her trip to visit Uncle Alex at his new apartment. Yesterday evening Arnold and I did a Bible Study together after we put the kids to bed. We are starting to study Psalms. So i am already getting good use out of my new Bible!!! :) :) It was a great weekend!!!

My mis-matched Transformer, Cinderella, and a Strawberry!!

Brooke and her buddy Logan, at the Halloween Party!
One of my very best friends! :)

The kids at Chris' Birthday Party

Me holding baby Ben! the cutest little bear Ive ever seen! :)

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