Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

~Last week my Sister-in-law Jenn had a fireman come over to her house and show the kids the truck and all the other stuff. He lives across the road and doesn't mind doing free tours for the kids (she runs an in-home daycare) So rachel and I ran over there to join in on the fun! It was so cool, they let the kids climb into the truck, showed them everything in there, dressed up in their uniforms, and even let the kids shoot some water out of the hose. At the end they gave our firehats, stickers, pencils, cups, and all sorts of goodies! Rachel was too scared to go into the truck, but she seemed to enjoy it, and I got a lot of good pictures!

~This past weekend I was going through my clothes pulling out stuff, and noticed that I needed to buy some new pants badly. Then I noticed a big pile of jeans that were 2 sizes smaller than what Ive been wearing for a long time. I wished they would fit because then i wouldnt have to go shopping. And just on a whim I tried a pair on. And they fit!!! I was stunned. I knew I had been losing some weight lately, but had no CLUE it was enough to fit back into my old jeans! I hadnt worn that size since Arnold and I got married! I was so happy, I ran into the living room to show off to Arnold ;) This is definately keeping me motivated to keep trying to lose weight. And im not doing anything drastic, I seriously just started drinking tons of water (I used to be a big soda drinker, it wasnt anything to put back 2-4 cans a day!!) and I try to get some exercise most days, even if its just a walk around the block or mall with Rachel!

~I just finished the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. I bought it on a whim one day when Barnes and Noble had a coupon code online. I had heard good things about it. I ended up finishing it in 2 days! It was an awesome book and Id really recommend it. Im letting a friend in Lifegroup borrow it this week because it was on her to-read list, too! I just ordered "Bossypants" By Tina Fey, using my Ebay bucks for this quarter. Ive heard its hilarious!!

~We've been needing to get Brooke a twin bed forever, but never have gotten around to it yet. And it just so happens that Erika was selling her daughters old one, so it worked out, and now we have a bed for Brooke! She was so excited and wanted Arnold to put it together right away so she could sleep in it that night. I didnt have any twin sheets, so I put on a set of our's and she juse made do with that. And the next day I went out and bought her some flowered sheets at Target. And they were on clearance too.. they have a lot of bedding on sale right now! ;) Anyway, we rearranged the room while we were at it and I like the way it looks. Cant believe how fast my girls are growing!!

~Girlscouts are in the process of selling nuts right now. I am a bad salesman.. seriously.. i couldnt do sales as a job! But they are really good, seriously, I buy some every year. And so if anyone wants to order any, let me know! ;) The sale ends Oct. 16th.

~Yesterday I went on a playdate with a few friends at the mall. Jennifer had had a baby girl, Audrina, 3 weeks ago. I hadnt gotten to see her yet, so i was excited! she let me hold her a lot of the time we were there, so I just snuggled her while she was sleeping :) All the while Rachel and Kenzie played together in the playarea. They are so cute together, they have really become great friends! Then we all had lunch in the foodcourt. I got Rachel a sub and apples from Subway, and of course she wasted most of it! I was trying to hard to be good, but the pizza was calling to me from Sbarro, so I ate pepperoni pizza, complete with ranch dressing and all! ;)

~Last night we went to a meeting with some people from our church about joining. We are in the process of taking the classes and getting everything together. They wanted to meet our family and answer any questions we had and give us some information. The meeting was at Atlanta Bread company. We had already eaten dinner before, so we got the kids cookies while we were waiting (soo yummy there!!) And of course Rachel wet her pants while we were in there and I hadnt brought an extra outfit, but I was lucky enough to find a pair of her pants in the very back of the van. Anyway, during the meeting they gave me the packet on Baptism, and they told me that when I get it done I need to prepare a 2-3 minute testimony that they are going to have on video, while we are there. Now I am nervous! I hate talking in front of a camera. But i guess it will be ok, I am going to figure out what I want to say. I hope the Baptism will be in Nov. so my parents can be there, since they are going out of town at the end of Oct. I know its not as cute as baby Baptism or anything, but Id still like to share it with people close to me! ;)

Rachel and Monkey. Monkey wanted to wear the firehat ;)

Me, Rachel and the fireman!

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