Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Review

Friday night the big kids went to my Mom's house for a sleepover, so we got the inlaws to watch Rachel and Arnold and I went out on a date! We first went to Quiznos and ate some dinner. Then we went to the movies to watch "Courageous." I had been wanting to see it forever, and Arnold was a little reluctant because he hates movies that are sad, but I finally convinced him! The movie was SO incredibly good. I feel like half of the time I was crying, and half of the time I was laughing! It was a good mix. Arnold DID end up crying, but he admitted later that it was worth going.. and we talked about it alot afterwards! I wont spoil any of it in case anyone is going to go watch it. But id highly recommend it! Meanwhile, the kids had gone to the movies with my mom to see "Dolphin Tale" and they said they enjoyed it.. then went back to her house to make pizzas. They are spoiled bigtime by their Grandparents, but I wouldnt have it any other way! ;) Then after Arnold and I went to the movies, we went to Walmart to look around for Christmas present ideas for the kids. We were wanting to put a bunch of stuff on layaway, but we never did fill our cart up, so we gave up and decided to try again later. It was soo hard for me to decide what to get the girls. There were way too many options! Brooke loves princesses, and Rachel loves Dora. Anyone have any good ideas??

Saturday morning Arnold had to go into work early. He hardly EVER has to work Saturdays, thats just how crazy its been there lately. But we are going to have a LOT of overtime on his next check, which will be nice. Along with a slight raise, since he got a recent Promotion at work! I am so proud of him, hes hard-working and dedicated to that place, and he really deserves it! He is now Senior R&D tech at his company. Anyway, after he got off work, Rachel and I met him over at Ihop for breakfast. Had been awhile since we'd been there, but we love going. Then Arnold went on down to our church to help clean up (he has joined the cleaning team there as his volunteer job) and I went home and Mom brought the kids home. By the time Arnold ended up getting home, it was almost 1pm, but there was still a yardsale open right up the road from us, so we stopped by to see what was there. Im glad I did.. because I found Rachel a beautiful Christmas dress in her size, to wear this year! I am so excited I got it for so cheap since she wont be wearing it that much at all. The kids also found a few toys.. Caleb found an electronic drum kit which is actually pretty annoying but he loved it, and Brooke found a Melissa & Doug bead jewelry-making set, and it still had the box organizer with it, so that was a great deal. Although I have to work extra hard to keep the small beads away from Rachel!!!

Later on that evening Arnold took Rachel to his parents house and the big kids and I were supposed to have a few friends over for a night-time playdate. Something came up with everyone but Joanne, and she still came over, and brought Logan and Ben. We had some pizza and cookies to eat, then the big kids ran off and played. Sweet baby Ben stayed in the living room with us :) Joanne brought over her Wii and her JUST DANCE game for us to play. I had never played it before, but was excited to try it out. She let me try it out a few times, and I watched her a few times too.. then we did "battle mode." Oh my goodness, it was SO fun. I know I was making a fool of myself and Ben was probably thinking "WHAT are these crazy people doing?!" But i had an awesome time, and by the time I was done, I was sweating like crazy! Its a good workout too! I think playing that made me think even more that we need a Wii in this house! Im not sure if it may become a family Christmas gift or not this year.. I am soo tempted!! But anyway, it was funny because a few times the kids came in and watched us, or actually jumped right in and danced with us too. Brooke was hilarious.. that girl can really break it down! ;) Later on I found out that the kids had been sneaking cookies while we were playing, and they had eaten the whole pack!!!! So yeah.. they were on sugar overload. I guess thats what I get for paying more attention to dancing with Joanne than the kids ;) Hehe. I had a great time and I already told Joanne wed better get together and do it again soon (without kids this time!!)

Sunday morning Arnold wasnt feeling good.. he woke up with a stomach ache and said he didnt feel like going to church. So i went on by myself. It was funny because everyone kept asking me where Arnold and the kids were. It felt strange to be there alone! Lauryn was there.. yay... and she, Melissa, Ray, Camille and I all sat together on a row during church. We started the series this week called "The Reason for God" and the first message was awesome.. I cant wait to hear the rest of them! Jesse is always awesome at getting me to understand things.. and cracking me up ;) And they had had a baptism at the earlier service, so I got to see the big pool they are using for my baptism next month! I am getting even more excited about it now!! After church they had training class for all the people who are starting to volunteer for the kids' ministry at church. They had a lunch for us first, of BBQ and chips, and they had bowls of candy set out at all the tables too, so I was munching on gummy bears during the service ;) Then we had a few worship songs led by the Student pastor, and then the classes started. We learned a whole bunch of information, filled out paperwork, and got tshirts that we will wear during the Sunday services! The application to work had a bunch of personal questions on it, and one of the questions said "Describe Yourself in 1 Word." That was tough, but I wrote down "Curious." I think anyone who knows me well will say that this fits!!! Anyway, Lauryn was taking the class too, so we got to sit together and catch up on our girl chat ;) I loved spending so much time with her yesterday!

Yesterday evening, Arnold was feeling wore on his stomach, and was hardly able to move around. A lot of people told him it might be appendix, so he decided he wanted to go to the ER and get it checked out in case. We dropped the kids off at his parents' house and I drove him over there. I know he hated the ride because he always reminds me what a horrible driver I am, and I know all the bumps and curbs and things I hit along the way couldnt have helped his pain that much ;) We got there and waited forever like usual, and then they got him checked into a room and did some blood work. They also gave him a shot of morphine, and it was his first time ever having any of that, so he was pretty cute to watch ;) His blood tests came back with slightly elevated white blood cell counts, but the CT scan he had done didnt prove it was his appedix, so the Dr was a little stumped. He felt all over his stomach and could def tell he was in pain, and they also mentioned his stomach was a little hard. He said it was still very possible that it was still his appendix. So they told him to go home and if it got worse over the next 12 hrs to come back in and get a re-check. We ended up getting the kids and getting home and in bed around midnight. This morning he was a little worse, but then a little better, but hes still in a lot of pain, so he has a dr appt with his regular dr this afternoon and we will see what might be going on!!

Joanne and I right after playing Just Dance. You can tell how sweaty we are! Haha, im so out of shape, but it was so fun!!

The kids lounging around
Arnold and I at the movies

Lauryn and I at church on Sunday

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