Monday, October 10, 2011

Mountain Date

Friday Arnold and I decided to go on a "date date." The older kids were of course in school, and we asked the inlaws to watch Rachel. And that morning we headed up to the mountains. We hadnt had a date in awhile, and we wanted to do something we dont do all the time, plus this time of year its BEAUTIFUL in the mountains, with all the leaves changing colors. And we couldnt have asked for nicer weather. I needed a jacket early that morning, but later on it was so warm I was fine in my short-sleeve shirt!

We drove up there with no music on most of the time.. just talking. Amazing how much you can talk about when you dont have kids in the backseat yelling, whining and singing! When we got up there we first stopped at Blowing Rock. We paid to go on the nature walk, and it was really worth it. The views were amazing, and so beautiful. And what would a day out be without tons of picture-taking by me? Haha.. we set up the camera on timer on several occasions and took pictures of Arnold and I together. Since we had gotten there so early we basically had the place all to ourselves, it was so quiet and peaceful! I always love to look out over God's magnificent creations, makes me instantly feel closer to Him :) Anyway, when we were done with the walk we went back into the gift shop before we left and picked up some candy.. Nerds for Arnold and blue raspberry rock candy for me ;) Then we drove to Julian Price Park and walked around there and took pics too.

And you know you cant go to the mountains without stopping at the outlet stores! I love outlets! We of course first hit up the childrens' stores. I was proud of myself in Carters and Oskkosh.. didnt buy a single thing (although Id have loved to!) The kids dont really need any more clothes at all! Then we went into Gymboree though, and that store is a weakness for me. One of their lines was an owl line, so I got Rachel some things. Could.not.resist! I could tell Arnold was getting bored by then though.. I know he hates lingering in the kids' stores while I oooh and ahh over all the cute stuff! We went into the Levis outlet then, and Arnold actually bought a shirt to wear that day, because he was wearing a thin sweater and was way too hot by then. And lastly we stopped in the Gap outlet. And surprisingly I bought something for MYSELF intstead of the kids.. shocker! They had some hoodies with the Gap Logo marked down to $13.99 and they had a deal going that weekend with extra % off clearance, so I got a hoodie for $8.. cant beat that! And Arnold picked up some new sunglasses.. they were all on clearance too since Summer is over. So we didnt spend too much, but we had a great time. And on the way home we stopped at Chilis for lunch. I got the potato soup and sandwich (that soup is one of my new fave foods!) and Arnold got a Blue Moon with his lunch (Ill never understand the love for beer--its gross!!)

That night we dropped the big kids off at a friends' church. They were taking all the kids to a local corn maze. We were supposed to send the kids along with flashlights and in tennis shoes, and they said theyd feed them and take them into the corn maze. Arnold and I still had Rachel, but we were thrilled to have even more "down time" that evening. We went over to Erika and Billy's house while we waited on the kids to get back home. And that worked well because Rachel and Kenzie got to play together! Can i just say how much I love all of their dogs! Haha! Their house is full of them.. they were everywhere, and so cute. I guess they could tell I was a dog-lover, because they came up to me and wanted me to pet them :) Anyway, us adults played Wii bowling. I have played once or twice before. i wasnt even really paying attention, but ended up getting several strikes.. how does that happen?! Haha.. it was so much fun though. The more and more I play Wii at other friends' houses, the more Im convinced we need one at our house!

It turned out to be an awesome day!! :) :)

At the moutains

Arnold wanted to take this one. I was smiling and trying not to laugh the whole time!

Arnold took this at the outlets. They had pretty fall decorations out. Too bad the sun was in my eyes and they were halfway closed!

Lunch at Chilis before we headed home. Arnold with his Blue Moon!

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  1. Nice! I love the Blue Moon, Arnold. We all need to double date soon and we can share a beer and Kels will prob have a margarita and Abs, you can get tea or water? I love the posts...especially this week of not being on FB. Great Post! Also the one from Sunday was cool too. BUT for some reason I could not comment on it...