Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals

I decided to make a list of GOALS rather than RESOLUTIONS this year. I always mean the best but never really stick to them. So here are the top 5 goals I'd really like to try to accomplish in the coming year..

*Lose 30 lbs- Start a healthy lifestyle, actually. I have never really had a problem with my weight, until after I had babies. I never lost much after that. I also have never been big on exercise. Thankfully I just always had a pretty good matabolism earlier on in life. But I decided I really want to try to change this year. I really do want to lose some weight, so my goal is set at 30lbs. That will put me back to almost what I weighed in highschool, and that was a good weight for me. I also want to be more fit and healthy in general, and have more energy. I can get tired so easily now. The eating part might be a little tough-- I'll admit, I love food. Not as an emotional thing. I actually CANT eat when Im upset. I just love food in general. And really love sweets. I am going to try to limit what we have here so I dont get tempted as much. And I am starting to drink more water throughout the day. I also am starting more exercise. I am doing the Jilliam Michaels workout dvd. The first day kicked my butt! seriously! I was actually pretty embarassed about how hard it was for me, and how sore I was afterwards. But I know it will be worth it if I stick with it. I also am going to do workouts on the Wii, and continue with walks around the block and the mall like I do sometimes anyway. So by Summertime, here's hoping I will be 30lbs lighter and looking great in some NEW clothes I will get to buy then ;)

*Read my Bible more. I say this alot. I get in these spurts where I will read every night and really dive into it. Then I can go along time without reading it at all. I need to get better about it. Because the Bible truly is the instruction manual to life! It is all laid out there for us, we just have to read and study it. I also would like to do a study for more understanding on what its actually saying and how I can apply it. Because reading it is nice but I want to know more. The kids all got Bibles for children from their Grandma at Christmas and I have started reading Brooke's to her. They really love the stories. I love reading them in the "kid version" because they really are neat stories to hear!

*Potty Train Rachel!! Wouldn't it be nice to make 2012 the year we FINALLY say goodbye to diapers in this house, for GOOD?! (or at least until we have grandchildren?? ;) At this point Rachel will tell me if she needs a diaper, so I kno she is getting close. She still fights going to the actual potty though. I have seen the kid pull down a wet diaper and throw it across the room.. you can tell the diapers bother her, but she won't help me out by actually going to the potty! Arnold has sat her on it several times but she just cries and cries. I know its one of those things you cant rush. I wish it was though, because I will be glad to wipe "Diapers" off my shopping list!

*Stay more organized. Ive gotten better in the past few months actually. Started cleaning out stuff I really dont need anymore. stuff that I thought holding on to was important, but its really not. I am just way too sentimental. I know its the memories that are important, not the actual item. If I keep everything I think is ever important it will be getting all "Hoarders" in this house and we cant let that happen! We have always had way too much stuff in this house-- having 3 kids with all their stuff doesn't help any. But we've gotten rid of ALOT lately and its getting so much better. Its also a good idea to weed out old toys before you bring in new ones at birthdays/holidays, or your house will become OVERRUN before you know it. I speak from experience!!

*Be more patient. I will admit, I'm not a very patient person at all. I wish I was. I can lose my temper too quickly. Hate waiting in lines. Have bad road road sometimes. Always wanting to hurry up and get somewhere. Kindof always been like that. But I know having patience is a good thing, especially with kids. You can't recover the words after they are said, or the experience after it has happened. So might as well enjoy the here and now.

Hope everyone has a great New Year and good luck with everyone's goals! :)

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