Tuesday, January 17, 2012

50 Facts

Most of you already know me pretty well but i thought i'd do this today for fun. Plus I can't think of much to write about right now :)

1. My full name is Abigail Elizabeth but everyone calls me Abby. Or Abbs.
2. I was born in NC but not sure what town. I was adopted at 5 weeks old.
3. I was a Girl Scout for 13 years of my life (thats a LOT of cookies)
4. I am close to both my parents, but am so much like my dad.
5. I was very close to my grandma Louise. She died when I was 15. And yes, that's where Rachel's middle name comes from.
6. I am a big worrier and have been my whole life. I wasn't officially "diagnosed" with anxiety until this past year. I thought how I felt was normal
7. I married Arnold on 1/21/06. We met on Yahoo Personals (I know, cheesy). He is my best friend and an amazing husband. I'm so glad we can share life together.
8. We had Brooke on 8/26/06. Caleb came less than a year later (not planned!) on 8/08/07. Rachel came on 6/18/09 (somewhat planned!) I love my sweet babies!
9. I have never had a broken bone or cavity in my life.
10. I've worn glasses since I was 8 years old. I am very near-sighted.
11. I am a horrible driver. We won't go into all that though!
12. I love to read, I am a huge bookworm. I was the kid who went to the library for fun.
13. I love to write (obviously) I love having this blog as my outlet and to remember things.
14. I LOVE to shop. For anything and everything. I especially love finding good deals. I get a little bit of a "high" from that. I love consignment for kids' clothes. I go overboard on Christmas.
15. I am very, very fearful of bugs, snakes, clowns, tight spaces, and public speaking.
16. I was born and raised a Methodist. Still am to this day. I was baptized this past Nov. Just became a member of our new church, and I LOVE it!
17. I volunteer at the Pregnancy Center as a call-in receptionist.
18. I am big-time on Pro-Life issues. The unborn need a voice!
19. I have a weak stomach and a very low-tolerance for pain. I am a wimp!
20. I am silly, goofy, get way too excited over things, talk too loud, and can come across as ditzy.
21. Things that bug me- bad drivers, incorrect grammar, rude people, lies, popping gum.
22. I am a hardcore internet addict. I am on facebook way too much. I post way too many statuses. I post way too many pics. Get over it! ;)
23. When you are my friend, I will be loyal and true.
24. I feel deeply and am extremely passionate. I am the sweetest person you ever know, but don't ever do me or my family wrong, or I will unleash the inner BEAST!
25. Some bad habits I have- caring too much what people think, impatience, nail biting.
26. I have an obsession with owls! They are too cute. Rachel's last bday party was "owls!"
27. I love to plan and host parties. I go all out for birthdays, they are the best.
28. I LOVE LOVE LOVE babies. I would have had 100 if I could have. I really did want a 4th, but health and finances kept us from it. I work in the Boxcar Babies class at church so I can snuggle all the babies. When my friends have babies I LOVE to spoil them!
29. I hate talking on the phone, just not a phone person
30. I am extremely shy until I get to know someone, then they bug me to shut up ;)
31. I am 5'10 and wear size 10 shoes. Not exactly a dainty girl! But I have learned to love myself as the years have gone on.
32. My very favorite color is green
33. I love chocolate and could eat it all day long if I could
34. I am not a morning person, I love my sleep. I just can't function too early!
35. I love to go on dates with Arnold. We make sure that we have "couple time" to keep us close.
36. I don't like wearing shoes. I wear flip flops or sandals as long as I can. People find it weird.
37. I dont like fights, or confrontation. I like keeping the peace. I've ound that people come to me for advice often.
38. I would like to find my biological parents one day, just out of pure curiousity. I hear my mom looked a lot like me. Adoptions were closed in the 80s, so its really hard to find people though.
39. I am more of a mountains-girl than a beach-girl. But i do love the sound of the ocean!
40. When Rachel goes to school I hope to finish up my schooling. My dream is to become an adoption social worker. Adoption is very close to my heart.
41. I am very sentimental and keep way too many things. I think this bugs Arnold!
42. I have a hard time staying organized, but i am trying harder!
43. I have WAY more ideas then time!
44. I have a fear of the dentist and hate going!
45. I sleep with the quilt my Grandma Louise made me a year before she died. Means so much.
46. I love summer-time thunderstorms.
47. I have brown eyes, but all my kids (and Arnold) have blue eyes!
48. I am currently in the process of trying to lose 35 lbs. Already 5 down!
49. I have a younger brother, Alex. He is 4 years younger than me. Also adopted. We used to fight all the time. We are a lot closer now. The kids love their Uncle Alex!
50. I am a believer and lover of Jesus Christ! I am a born-again Christian and trying every day to walk stronger in my faith. I know this was last on my list, but he is FIRST in my life! :)

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