Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lifestyle Change, Week 1

As of yesterday, it has officially been a week since I started my "lifestyle" change. It has been a long week! I never really had problems with my weight until after I had kids. I never lost all of what I had gained when pregnant with them. Now its a struggle. But now that I am doing these new things, I am already starting to feel better, and feel more energy! So I guess its working. Here are a few of the ups and downs Ive gone through this past week:

~I started the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred dvd. That is brutal. People aren't kidding when they say that. Who knew I was so out of shape? Who knew I would be yelling at the tv scream and sometimes cursing Jillian? Who knew I would at one point be laying on the floor with my chest burning and my breathing heavy? Well it was so hard for me the first time I tried it I thought I was going to die. I didnt finish the entire segment. As the week went on, things got a little easier though. And last night I did the WHOLE thing, and I wasn't even that sore afterwards. The first time it hurt to walk for 3 days almost. So from that alone I can tell im getting stronger!

~I have changed my eating (and drinking) habits. I used to not read any labels or really think too much into what I was eating. This past week when I have had fast food it was healthy choices. I have for the most part given up sodas, but I still need the caffeine, so when I need some, I drink diet drinks. I really, really dont like the taste, but its almost worth it to me. I find I like diet Dr Pepper the best out of all the kinds. I have also given up eating chocolate/candy except for the night I had a cupcake at Lifegroup :) Its been hard, especially when watching the kids eat something. I love my chocolate! I've become one of those buying the "diet" snacks at the grocery store. Man those things are expensive, and you dont get alot! But I am trying to find things I actually LIKE and will not mind as a snack. One day I actually counted out 55 goldfish crackers, because thats what they said a serving was ;)

~I have started drinking a LOT more water. I know my body needs it anyway, but was never big on it. I average around 6-8 cups a day now. Now that I am doing a lot more workouts, I actually crave it. Yeah I have to go the bathroom a LOT more! But i am feeling so much better! I try to drink that when Im thirsty instead of anything else.

~I joined My Fitness Pal with a few friends. It tracks everything for me, my calories for that day, my exercise for that day/week, my weight loss, etc. Its been neat to have everything right there to keep up with what Im doing, or id never remember! I am glad that friends are doing it too. We can post statuses of what we have done and support each other.

~I am tracking my calories. This is what bugs me the most. I feel like I have to think about every little thing I eat (which I guess is actually a good thing!) Sometimes when I see what something has in it, I say its not worth it anymore (go me!) While Arnold eats his hamburgers at Mcdonalds sometimes, I eat the salads now. By the way, did you know that a large Mcdonalds sweet tea has 230 calories in it?! Just in a drink!!! I used to get those ALL the time, by the way. I LOVE my sweet tea, but its not worth it now, especially with all the work I've been doing.

~I've decided to make Monday my weigh-in day every week. I got a little too excited and weighed myself a day early, on Sunday. I weighed the same! I was shocked because of all the changes I had made. But everyone told me to weigh in in the mornings instead, so I tried that, and it says as of today Ive lost 2.5 lbs! So that makes me happy. Any little bit helps keep me motivated, because I see that its working. But the health benefits are worth it even more to me than the pounds lost.

So now we are onto week 2! I had a strong start with doing my video last night, and eating pretty good all day yesterday and today. And today I bought more healthy foods at the grocery store when Rachel and I went shopping. This time I even found "diet" chips. Wonder what they taste like??

Will leave you with a thought I saw on my friend Jackie's page-- "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!"

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