Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~I'm loving listening to the rain outside

~I'm loving that I found a great deal on an SD card for my camera on Amazon, so I bought it and it should be here soon! Then I will be able to put pictures up on FB and the blog again :)

~I'm loving the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I got the first book and read it in two days! They are "thrillers" I guess you'd call them. So good.

~I'm loving that Im taking my Mom to the movies this Saturday to see that new movie called "Joyful Noise." Mom loves her some Queen Latifah! Ha! :)

~I'm loving that its only 10 more days until Arnold and I leave for our Anniversary weekend trip! I officially booked our hotel. We are going to have such a good time.

~I'm loving the Fiber One Brownies I bought yesterday! I was skeptical, but they taste soo good! better than the other low-cal snacks I've bought lately. I wanted to eat the whole box, believe me! ;)

~I'm loving that my workouts dont hurt me as bad anymore. I did the Jillian M. workout again and wasnt nearly as sore afterwards! I am getting stronger!

~I'm loving that I finished my book "A Wife after God's own Heart" the other day. It was really good. Really made me think, and showed me ways I could be an even better wife to Arnold. Theres so many things that make a big difference. Respecting him, letting him be the leader of the household, even ironing his shirts for work on the days he has to dress up (I hate ironing!)

~I'm loving that Arnold got his tax papers from work early this year! He has decided to do them himself this year. So we will see how that goes. I cant wait to get some medical bills paid off and get some people off our back! I hope there is ANYTHING left over. We have big dreams of getting new kitchen floors put in, ha.

~Im loving that Brooke is now writing sentences as her homework. I am more amazed at her every day. She knows so many words and her handwriting is getting neater and neater. Its fun watching your kids learn and grow.

~Im loving that my pants are feeling looser one me! Always a good thing, right?

~Im loving that the people at our grocery store right down the street know Rachel by now and are always so sweet to her. The woman in the bakery usually gives her a cookie while we are there. And the cashiers always let her help out and then wave bye bye to her when we leave :)

~Im loving that my Glee #7 Cd finally came in the mail. So Rachel and I have been rocking out to that in the van the past few days.

~Im loving that we are going to have family pics done soon! Its been almost a year since we've had any done. I have a friend who does pics and is going to do ours outdoors! I found some of the most fun photo poses and ideas on Pinterest that I hope we can try. And who knows how much weight I will lose by then? Hoping to look good for the pics! :)

~Im loving that I found a friend who was selling some of her daughter's old stuff. I am buying a bunch of shorts, skirts, tops, etc for the girls for Spring!

~Im loving that Arnold's Uncle Gene sold his house. Well actually its bittersweet because I know that we will miss him living right next door. But I know he was glad to have that over with! And I found out there are KIDS moving in as our new neighbors. So hopefully we will be able to meet them soon and everything will work out in this situation.

~Im loving that I found a good deal on some of these CUTE personlized valentines cards and ordered some the other day for Brooke's class. I KNOW its early still, but I wanted to order before the deal was over! Havent decided what kind of candy Im going to put with them yet, but Ive still got time ;) Sorry for the small pic-- It says YOU'RE SO SWEET! Happy Valentine's Day! Your Friend, Brooke. Cute right?!

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