Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm not crazy, I know it's not Wednesday anymore, and I know that this is a day late, but I couldn't blog yesterday! So here it is anyway! :)

~I'm loving that our heater was fixed and we have heat again! The guy that fixed it is really nice and he was really reasonable. It ended up only being a part that had gone bad, so It wasn't as expensive as I had imagined, either. Which is GREAT considering we are leaving on our trip this weekend and want the extra spending money!

~I'm loving how awesome our Lifegroup meeting was last night. We had a packed house! Everyone really opened up shared last night, which is what it's all about. I can feel us all getting closer as time goes on. I am so thankful for these people in my life!

~I am loving this new book I am reading, called "Unplanned." It's about a girl who used to work for the Planned Parenthood and one day watched a girl get an abortion and something inside her was shaken and she turned everything around and became a huge pro-life advocate. I've only gotten thru about 1/3 so far but it is great, and hard to put down! And to be clear I do not JUDGE anyone. I just stand for Pro-life because that is in line with my beliefs. I love babies, whether unborn or not. And I want to help in any way I can! One of the many reasons I volunteer at the Pregnancy Care Center in my area :)

~I am loving that I went out to Target yesterday, tried on some clothes, and they actually looked halfway decent on me! I can already see my body changing a little bit! I was able to fit into a size smaller in a dress! I found this cute and "sexy" black dress that I almost bought for mine and Arnold's trip. I even almost took a pic of me in it and show it online, but that would be pretty vain wouldn't it?! Haha!!! Anyway, it was Rachel's first time in a dressing room (that I know of) and she was entertained the whole time with the mirrors, the hangers, you name it. I DID find a cute top to wear for our trip though, and some OWL pjs that were on clearance!

~Speaking of clothes and the weight loss thing, I am loving that I have lost another pound, for a total of 6 lbs since I started! I am losing about two pounds a week. I know that won't always be the case. BUT if I kept up that trend, I would lose about 40 pounds by Rachel's birthday in June! Wouldn't taht be awesome! I'd be back to my high school weight! My father-in-law jokes with me and says what weight I "lost" he has "found." And he says I am trying to get my old figure back, but even with the weight loss I know my body with be different since I've had 4 kids, but I' ok with that! I'm just proud of myself and getting stronger and more healthy.

~I am loving that our laptop wasn't "doomed" like I thought it was. Something WAS wrong with it, but Arnold got it to work again. Thank goodness, because I was afraid for a minute I'd lose all our recent pictures I save on here. We do save them on an external harddrive, but haven't lately. Also, I knew that I wouldn't be able to BLOG for awhile! Arnold was just upset because our warrenty had JUST expired and the laptop is only a year old. But everything is good!

~I am loving that Caleb's teachers are so sweet to Rachel. Every morning when we drop him off they make a big fuss over her and talk to her. She likes to walk around and play with the toys before we leave. This morning one of his teachers gave her a pack of teddy grahams before we left. Well that made her day! She keeps telling me she can't wait to go to school.

~I am loving that we only have TWO more days until Arnold and I leave on our weekend getaway! We found out that Miranda Lambert has postponed her concerts for awhile because a family member died I think, so we definately aren't going to the concert anymore. But we are still going to the same town because we already have our hotel booked there. I know we will find more things to do though, Im not worried about it!

~I am loving that the website said the IRS accepted our taxes yesterday! So good, that means Arnold didn't screw them up! (haha just picking with him, it was his first year doing them himself) We are supposed to get it back next week sometime, I can't believe its that fast! We have a lot of bills to pay off, so that will be a relief to get that over with. We also would like to buy a nice camera and get some new floors in our kitchen depending on how much extra we have.

~I am loving the Mother-Daughter morning Rachel and I had today. My friends that usually go with me to a playdate once a week at the mall couldn't make it today, so we just went ahead and went anyway. Rachel played in the playarea for awhile with another little girl. Then we went to Gymboree and I used my Gymbucks I got awhile back. Found some more good deals! While we were there Rachel was a mess, she took off her shoes, tried to escape a few times, and hid in the clothes rack. Its so hard to go shopping with kids! But at least it was only one kid today! Then we went to Jc Penneys just to look around, and they put a lot on clearance so we got Rach some new shoes, and she picked out a Dora blanket. Total for both? $8 :) She HAD to put the shoes on while we were in there, so I had to take off the tags and carry them to the counter to pay. Thankfully the girl working didn't mind! Lastly we went to the food court and had Subway for lunch. Rachel got some stickers with her kids' meal and spent lunch covering her jacket :) We had a great time!!! :)

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  1. LOVE IT! I just love reading your blog, although I know most of the stuff already! LOL! <3 you girl