Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Review

Can't believe the weekend has already come and gone on us!

Friday morning I took Rachel out shopping with me. We needed to find a dress for Brooke to wear for the Father/Daughter dance next Friday night. Brooke doesn't wear a lot of dresses (at least not "fancier" ones) so I didn't have anything to choose from. We went to several places and I couldn't find anything I liked. Finally in Sears I found a bunch of dresses marked down.. they all looked like Christmas dresses to me, but I found a white and pink one in there rack that looked like a Spring dress (dont know how it got marked down) But it was on clearance, then they were running an additional 30% off sale that weekend, so I was already happy at that price. But then when I checked out the lady told me I had some Sears rewards bucks saved that I could use, so I got the dress for $12! I was so happy. It can also be worn as her Easter dress, so it will get more use this year. Will just have to find a sweater to throw on her too since it will still be pretty cold in February ;) While all this was going on, Rachel was doing her usual stuff, running around and throwing stuff off shelves and hiding from me. I promised her if she just held tight for a little longer I'd get her a cookie at the cookie place in the mall when we were done. So a little while later you have never seen a happier 2 year old than this one carrying around her HUGE cookie with m&ms in it. Is she spoiled or what? this kid seriously gets so much, im ashamed some days at home much I give in, but what can I say? She's my last baby!!!!

After that we went to do our grocery shopping. Rachel rode in the cart this week (thankfully) and I kept filling up the cart and at the end she was so covered she couldn't get out. Basically it was a pile of food and Rachel's head sticking out :) Poor thing. It is always an adventure shopping with her, this time she threw off her socks and shoes in the dairy aisle and almost hit the woman stocking some cheese. I didnt even blink an eye this time and just threw the stuff in the cart and kept on going. Man, food is expensive these days! Especially when you're trying to get healthier foods at the same time. Speaking of "healthier" foods, I tried some of the Weight Waters fudge bars this week and they were soooo good! Anyway, later on we went to school to surprise Brooke at lunch. She's always asking me to come see her and I feel so bad because I hardly ever get up there. Its just so stressful taking Rachel with me. She won't sit still and I spend my time there chasing her around. The bigger kids think shes pure entertainment though.. so go figure. Anyway, I could tell Brooke was excited that we showed up. Her eyes and face lit up and it seriously made my day :) I am going to go and surprise Caleb this week at school so I can do it all over again!!

Saturday morning we got up and got the kids ready. I made some cinnamon buns for all of us for breakfast, thats the kids latest "thing." And I didn't burn them this time, yay me! I know how to ruin all the finer things in life :-/ Anyway, then we went out to a few consignment stores. Saturdays are usually "deal-hunting" days for me. Arnold can help me out with the kids and its not AS stressful. I was able to find some cute spring clothes for the kids. And a few things left over from last season for 50% off. And the kids found a few new books. We are going to have to get more bookshelves if we keep bringing more books into the house! Around 11 we stopped and got some food for lunch. Saturdays are usually my cheat days so we ate at Backyard Burger. Does anyone else think their kids meals are huge? Ican eat one and its plenty for me! I was happy to get a burger and some sweet tea though. Actually I think I cheated way too much this weekend.. this diet thing is hard.

That afternoon I met my mom at the movies. I was wanting to take her out to the movies as part of her birthday (which was back in OCTOBER!) but stuff has kept coming up so we never got to go. So we finally made it this weekend. When "Joyful Noise" came out Mom said she just had to see it. She just loves Queen Latifah and we end up going to all her movies ;) She ended up showing up late and I was afraid I was going to have to leave and go home (stood up by my own mom, haha) but she showed eventually and we went in. Although it was packed by then so we had to sit in the very FRONT and look up. The movie was awesome. Better than I had imagined. But I love most movies with singing and dancing in them ;) It made me cry 2 times.. almost 3. But it made me laugh even more. I would recommend it! During all this Arnold took the kids to see their cousin play in a basketball game. They were so excited, they kept asking all morning how much longer until they could go. Brooke came home afterwards and told me that their team lost and that a girl got hurt.. I love how she always goes into so much detail.. that girl loves to talk :) (and I have no idea where she gets that from either!! ;)

Saturday night our lifegroup was supposed to help out and serve dinner at Celebrate Recovery. It was sort-of a last minute thing, so it just ended up being 5 of us out of the group that were able to help out. Ray asked me to go pick up the pizzas, so we headed up there and I went in, and had to make two trips to carry out the 12 boxes. And then we had an even harder time trying to stuff all the boxes in the van with us.. it was already packed with us, the kids, and their stuff! But somehow we managed. And we also had to pick up enough salad for everyone, so Arnold ran into Walmart and bought 12 bags. Yes I sent him in there because I knew it would look stupid buying that much salad and I was a little embarassed. And yeah, he did get strange looks and also mean looks from the people around him trying to buy salad because he cleaned them out (haha!) Anyway, it was really fun hanging out with friends and getting to chat all while serving the food to the people who came in. In between spurts of people coming in we were all sneaking some pizza and garlic bread ;) It was sooo good (more cheating on my part!!) About halfway through the kids came in (they had been in the childcare) and Rachel was hot like she had a fever, so Arnold took them home to put them to bed and I stayed with Lauryn and Ray for the service.

Sunday morning I got up and got ready and headed to church before the rest of the family because I had to work in the Boxcar Babies. We only had 2 little ones in the early service this week. There was a new baby girl, this was only her 2nd week at the church. And she wasnt used to being left with other people, so her mom was really worried. But i kept her busy and she was happy as could be (the baby whisperer at work again-- its a true gift people!! ;) Nah but really, she was such a sweet girl, only 9 mos. old and I had a great time playing with her. She only cried when I tried to change her diaper and she kept rolling away from me trying to escape. Man Im glad those days are over! Then Arnold finally got to church and brought the kids in. I had laid out their clothes before I left so at least I knew they matched, but their hair all looked horrible... Its funny, all the workers now know to look out for my kids on those days when Arnold brings them because there will always be something funny about their hair or clothes on those days when Daddy handles it ;) The church service this week was great. We are having a series about money and relationships. I am looking forward to the rest of the series!!

This afternoon after we got some lunch we went over to my friend Jessica's house and hung out with their family for awhile. It had been forever since Arnold had seen baby Hunter, he has grown so much! Cant believe he is 7 mos already! The kids all had a great time and were pretty well-behaved, except when we caught them "stealing" money out of Hunter's piggy bank. Darn kids, they are theives already haha ;) As of this year, Jess and I have been friends for 10 years! 10! Can that be? We met when we were in high school, man that makes me feel so old! We have actually planed a "girls night" for the first Friday in March, where the two of us are going to go out and it will be like a celebration for our anniversary ;) Hehe.

Well I guess thats about it. We didn't do much more tonight but hang around the house and rest. It was relaxing. Caleb played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the wii (he is GOOD at video games, its like a natural talent to him!) And BROOKE ended up falling asleep on the couch. If you know that kid, you know she usually never stops running around, so she must have been exhausted. Poor Rach still didnt feel good this evening and kept snuggling up to me :( We got them all in bed early this evening.. they needed it!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! :) :)

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