Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~Im loving that Lifegroup starts back up tonight. I missed everyone!

~I'm loving that Caleb thinks his occasional projects his teacher sends home are real "homework" and he gets so excited over then. I cant remember a time when I was actually excited over homework!

~Im loving that Ray M. is slowly changing his political views ;)

~Im loving that the burn I am feeling in my thighs and abs today. That means I actually did a nice workout. Even though it hurts... ugh.

~Im loving that one of my friends found out she is pregnant! So happy for her! always love news of new babies coming into the world :)

~Im loving that Rachel was so tired yesterday afternoon that she actually fell asleep on the couch SITTING UP.. it was so cute.

~Im loving that I totally re-arranged our bedroom. It maximizes on space!

~Im loving this book Im reading, that Erika let me borrow. I plan to finish it today. Its called "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom. He's the guy who also wrote "Tuesdays with Morrie."

~Im loving dancing on the Wii to the JUST DANCE game. Unfortunately I have to give it back to Joanne on Friday :( haha! But I still have my KIDS dance games! And i do plan to buy more games eventually.

~Im loving that Gymboree's Red Balloon sale is starting this week. Its where they put old lines out for really cheap. And their underwear, hairbows, etc are around 99cents each and I always find great deals. I found Rachel a navy pea coat for like $6 one time. You can also use a coupon on top of the sale prices. I dont mind if its "old lines." I just love the stuff but cant afford it brand new!

~Im loving that I resisted eating sweets last night. I really REALLY wanted to. Wonder how long it will be before I cave? This is hard!

~Im loving that Brooke read me a small book yesterday. She is learning so much!

~Im loving that I am back in the swing of blogging. I feel like writing just about every day lately.

~Im loving the wonderful news they got about Baby Pearce getting to go home! If you dont know what Im talking about-- look up "Prayers for Pearce" group on Facebook. She is TRULY a miracle!

~Im loving that the week is halfway over already. I am looking forward to Friday. Going to a playdate and lunch with some friends. And then the weekend is always good because Arnold is home to help me with the kids ;)

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