Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Review

Friday morning I took Rachel to the mall for a playdate with some friends. It hardly ever happens where Joanne, Erika, Jackie and I are all there on the same day! After we played for awhile Joanne and Erika had to go, but Jackie and I and the kids went to the foodcourt to eat lunch. We had Subway again (its getting more and more natural to resist the bad food places but its still hard :( That evening Arnold took the kids to his Parents' house and I had some friends over to watch a movie. I rented "The Change Up" because it looked funny and I hadn't seen it yet. Wow-- at the language and all the boobs in the movie, I wasn't expecting that. I cringed alot but it was a pretty funny movie. I enjoyed having the girls over and getting to relax a little bit. Arnold had gotten the times wrong and ended up coming home with the kids a little too early and they walked right in while we were watching the movie. Tooootally inappropriate for them, and Arnold took them off to play in Brooke's room until we were done :)

Saturday was the first time in weeks that NONE of us had plans. We had a free, open day to do whatever we wanted. We got the kids ready and headed out to get some lunch. Since we were in the area, we went to Mighty Dollar. That store gets me every time, haha! They have some cute stuff for cheap. I especially like the greeting cards, they had some pop-up ones I got for some kids' birthday parties we have coming up. I also found a new picture frame for one of my pictures of a bunch of my friends and I last summer, to frame... now sitting in my bedroom! They get a lot of stuff from stores that didnt sell well or whatever so Im always finding stuff in there from Hallmark and other places like that. Each of the kids picked out a new book... but Rachel just had to have a fireman hat.. she is the odd one of the bunch ;) To be fair, she has worn it alot! Anyway, after that we stopped by a consignment store that I love, and they were having a 50% off sale, so I got a few things. I got Caleb a long sleeved dress shirt that I thought he could use for Easter this year, and a few other things. Then we went to Ritas. Yes I went to Ritas, I'll admit it! I did a little bit of cheating on Saturday, first time I had since I started this lifestyle change. They had a flavor called Strawberry Colada, and ohh my goodness! So, so good! It was freezing outside, but eating that made me swear it was summertime ;) I won't be going back there anytime soon though, because I found out that their regular-sized italian ices have over 300 calories in them.. yikes! While we were there, Rachel spilled her ice all over herself and was a sticky mess, so we decided to go back home.

On the way home we decided to go through the car wash and get the van cleaned off. Oreo (our dog) always gets his muddy paws on our van when its in the carport, so it had mud all over it. Anyway, Brooke has this strange fear of the carwash, so she was screaming and crying the entire time while Arnold was paying for it, and I kept telling him he was a horrible father for making her go thru it (haha) and we sat there and tried to convince her that it was a good thing and that nothing was scary about it.. and eventually she stopped crying and was laughing. I felt so bad for her, If anyone knows what its like to have crazy fears, its me! but anyway, the van looked good when we got done, but I know it will only be a matter of time before its all grungy again. It was such a fun morning out with my family, with no agenda, just having fun! When we got home, the kids played with this art thing they had gotten for Christmas. It spins around and you put paint on it and it makes designs. (sounds messy, right? well it was!!!) but they had a blast doing it. Arnold kept getting sprayed with paint and he was ticked.. he hates getting his hands dirty :P That evening after the kids went to bed, Arnold and I watched "The Change Up" yet again. Arnold had never seen it so I thought he could watch it too and we would really get our money's worth out of it ;)

Sunday we got everyone ready and went to church. Rachel has been crying lately when we try to drop her off, and I have no idea why, she usually runs in there with no problem! But later on they told me she did good, and had even sat on the potty again! (she didnt actually DO anything, but she tried, and she was so proud of herself! :) After church we went home to have lunch. I also went to the grocery store to stock up on some "healthier" snacks and I ended up spending $40 on that stuff! I got grapes, more of the Special K chips, those Slimbear icecreams, whole grain goldfish, string cheese, and some other things. I also got some Special K chocolate cereal that was recommended to me by Erika. Don't care for it too much, but its ok, because Arnold has taken it over! Also got me some DR PEPPER 10, which is Dr Pepper with only 10 calories! Tastes pretty good if you ask me!

Sunday afternoon we went to a friend's baby shower. She is having a baby boy in March.. so excited for her! Arnold put Rachel down for a nap, and I took Brooke and Caleb with me. They had a great time playing with all the other kids. I sat there and watched everyone else eat big ol pieces of chocolate cake, and it looked sooo good! It was so hard to resist! But I was proud of myself! Especially when the kids left so much food on their plate and left it sitting right there in front of me. (so cruel, right?!) Brooke was so cute, when it was time to go she told me we couldn't go yet, because we hadn't seen the baby! I had to explain to her that the baby still had awhile before he came out. And Caleb was so interested in the presents, until he found ot taht it was just a bunch of useless "baby stuff' :) When we got home Arnold and the kids ate dinner while I ate one of my Lean Cuisines. And later on when the kids went to bed, Arnold and I snuggled on the couch and watched the Golden Globe Awards. I was happy to see one of the girls from "The Help" win an award. That movie was so awesome! (but the book was better! ;)

Hope this week goes by fast! Only 5 more days until Arnold and I leave on our Anniversary weekend-trip! :)

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