Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Anniversary Trip

First off I need to mention this is my 400th blog post! woohoo! ;)

Arnold and I had a great weekend away! (well most of it!) We dropped the kids off around 9am and headed to Greensboro. I could already feel us relaxing on the ride.. we were able to talk and listen to music and not have to worry about any screaming or whining in the back seat. I had decided that I would "cheat" that weekend on my diet so I wouldn't have to worry about counting calories, so we stopped to get some breakfast on the way. My first splurge-- a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and some sweet tea! On the way we stopped at Hanes Mall and decided to walk around. I must mention that we had NO set plans for the weekend, just wanted a break. We did have the concert plans, but the concert we were going to got cancelled due to a death in the family, so we really didnt have any plans after that. So anyway, we must have walked HOURS around that mall (so I did end up getting exercise in after all! ;) I was a typical mom and ended up buying lots of stuff for the kids, but not really thinking about me. But I did end up with some new shoes and 2 new necklaces! (one had an owl!) I ended up getting Rachel's Easter dress (yes already) at Gymboree, using my Gymbucks. They also had a Crazy 8 store there (which I LOVE) and got some things for Caleb. Poor Arnold went into SO many stores with me, but he was a good sport. Arnold actually doesn't mind shopping, he has as many or more clothes than I do (seriously, you should see our closet!) We stopped by the Godiva Chocolate store and bought us some candy bars. Arnold told the guy we were celebrating our anniversary (kind of embarassed me b/c I hate getting attention like that.. but it was sweet!) Oh goodness the chocolate was SO good. That was splurge #2 ;)

After we had walked the mall for so long that our feet were hurting, we decided to leave and start driving again. By then it was past lunch time, so we stopped for some. We went to a place called the Brick Oven. And on to splurge #3- I had a personal pizza with pepperonis and banana peppers. I also had a salad too! The food was pretty good. There was a pizza hut across the street, but we decided to go into the place we had never tried before. Then we were back on the road again. I forgot to mention that the weather outside was SO cold and rainy. It was kind of depressing, but it did remind us of our wedding day! (it was also rainy on that day-- which we heard was good luck ;) We finally got to Greensboro and found where out hotel was (but we couldn't check in until 3pm) Mom had let us use her GPS which was awesome, we didn't get lost the whole time we were down there. (we used to have one but it got stolen and we haven't replaced it yet) We then went out to do MORE shopping. Yeah, we are so exciting huh? We got a new lamp for our bedroom. The kids broke our old one, so we really needed one.

Eventually it was 3pm, so we went back to our hotel and checked in. The girl working at the front desk was really sweet. I noticed that everyone we came into contact with was nice this weekend (not at all like Hickory!) She asked what brought us to the area and Arnold told her about our anniversary again-- and how the concert we were going to got cancelled, but we were still glad to be away b/c we had 3 young kids at home. The older lady checking in beside us was listening to him talk and was saying "awww" and then nodding her head and saying "YEAH" like she really understood... I'm guessing at one point she had had young children ;) Anyway, then we went up to our room to check it out. We were on the 2nd floor.. not too awesome, I always like to be way up high in a hotel. I also get the urge to run up and down the carpeted hallways in my bare feet (which I used to do as a kid) but was afraid someone would look at me strange, so I didnt (sometimes being an adult sucks!! :) The room was really nice.. I loved the hotel ad we got a great price. I am usually very thrifty but when it comes to hotels I like a nice one. It needs to be at least 3 stars (the higher the better though) and have good reviews and nice pictures, and of course free INTERNET!!! We had a HUGE tv which Arnold said he wanted to take home with us along with the travel shampoos but he was afraid they might notice ;) Oh and they even had a GREEN ice bucket. I had my ice and my internet.. what else could I have asked for?? The first thing I did was update my facebook on the kindle so that everyone knew what we were doing (I know, I have a sick obsession with facebook-- tell me something I don't know :)

After hanging out in the hotel for awhile, we went back out. We didn't do much of anything. For some reason I was starting to feel bad with a headache and I was pretty much tired of walking by then. We ended up in TARGET of all places (haha) And their store was like the mirror image of ours' back at home. Everything was BACKWARDS and really messed with my head.. but at least it was Target ;) Arnold ended up buying some new clothes (told you he loved to shop) and I ended up with more new shoes but when we got home I realized I had grabbed the size 8 1/2. I wear a size 10! What the???? No way I could squeeze my feet into a size 8 1/2. So I guess I'll be TRYING to exchange at our store this week. It was starting to get later in the evening so we made a phone call home to the kids to see how they were doing (yes I already missed them terribly!) And Brooke got on the phone and was talking to me and then she just got tired of it and walked away. Caleb got on the phone however and wouldn't stop talking-- he had to tell me every little detail of his day (funny how different their personalities are!) Mom had taken Caleb to the barber shop to get a haircut. His hair is now short and not all "bushy" like it had been. He kept telling me that he "had hair like Daddy's now!" And when we eventually talked to Rachel, she didn't have much to say-- but she did say HEY MOMMY, LOVE YOU! So that made me happy ;)

Since we had had such a late lunch we didn't end up getting hungry until later. We stopped by Red Lobster but since it was later in the evening it was PACKED. So we said we'd go back to the hotel and order in. I went straight back in our room and put on my pajamas... felt good after spending the day out in the cold rain! But all of a sudden Arnold got really sick on his stomach. He now blames it on the sandwich he had at the place we had lunch at, but I don't think he can prove it. Needless to say he wasn't thinking about dinner anymore, so I called in dinner just for me. He went to pick it up for me and brought it home and I pigged out-- It was an anniversary dinner for one. HAHA it sucked so bad, but what can you do? So splurge #4 was a seafood dinner, which included crab legs, garlic shrimp, fries, salad, and biscuits. Oh my gosh it was so good! Then Arnold and I hung out on the couch and watched several episodes of Big Bang Theory (some sort of marathon or whatever) and then fell asleep. Like I said, we have SUCH exciting lives ;)

I always freak out about hotel beds because you always hear the news stories about places that never wash their bedspreads, or places that have bed bugs. So it was tough for me to climb into that bed without shuddering a little, but since it was a nice hotel and the bed WAS comfortable I was able to sleep. I did wake up several times in the night though.. it was so loud out in the city. Plus at one point during the night I heard yelling going on down our hall-- not sure if there was a fight going on or what. Someone had set an alart for 7:30 and it was going off and Arnold was cursing it...haha. By then I was wide awake though, because I'm so used to getting up with the kids for school anyway. So I went ahead and took a shower. It felt weird not going to church, because we have gone basically every single week for forever. Arnold turned on the tv and Joel Olsteen (sp??) was speaking, so we listened to him while we got ready. I packed up all our stuff and then we went downstairs for breakfast.

We rested in our hotel room for about an hour before we checked out. We were sitting there lounging around on a Sunday morning without a care in the world or anything to do-- it was SO NICE. I was on the kindle for awhile.. I have started to love that thing. Much nicer than carrying around a huge, heavy laptop everywhere we go. They had an express checkout so all we had to do was swipe our card, press a few buttons, and that was that. I didn't know it was going to be so cold that day so all I had brought was a light weight jacket, so when we got outside I was begging for mercy. It was COLD!!!!! We walked around some more in the area, then went to Fatz Cafe for an early lunch. So spluge #5 became chicken tenders, fries, and those AMAZING little biscuits they give you. I don't even want to know how bad I was this weekend and how many calories I ate-- we just won't even think about that at all. At least I had fun, right?! ;)

Soon after that we headed home. I can't believe the weekend went by so quickly! It always happens that way when you are having fun. Of course the kids had a blast with their Grandparents, so we weren't worried about them at all, but we were happy to be back and see them. Happy 6th Anniversary Arnold, had a great time! :)

These pics are way out of order, but you get the idea!

Arnold sticking his lip out-- sad we were having to leave!

Lunch at Fatz before we went home
On my kindle in the hotel room

This proves that I am a good wife and let Arnold go into the Guitar center while we were down there ;) It ended up being really crowded though, so we didnt stay long.

Hanging out in the hotel room

When we first got there

Outside our door-- Room #211

Arnold pulling our luggage into the hotel :)

When we first got to the hotel

Lunch at the Brick Oven on Saturday

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