Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Review

First off, I need to mention that I won't have pictures up for a few of my recent blogs, because something is wrong with my cord, and connection, so I need to buy a card to take the pics off my camera. I know yall will miss all the pics I usually take, haha! ;)

Friday I took Rachel to the mall and met a few friends for a playdate. After awhile rachel warmed up to the idea and ran around chasing the other kids.. I never know what her mood will be on any given day.. she is a girl, thats for sure! ;) While we were there I stopped by Gymboree for the Red Balloon Sale I had talked about in another post. Im so glad I stopped by! I found Rachel pjs for $4, underwear for Caleb for $1, sunglasses for Rachel for under $1, hairbows for Brooke for under $1, a few tops for Brooke for summer for under $5 and so on. I also had a coupon and earned a Gymbuck to use later in the month. I seriously love getting good deals, it makes me happy ;) Then we took the kids to lunch in the foodcourt. Yall know I look forward to going to Sbarros when we are there, for that yummy, greasy pizza that I love so much. So it was SO hard to resist it. But we were good and went to Subway instead. Eating a sandwich and baked chips there comes out to be a yummy lunch, with so many less calories. Although Jackie's husband ate fries in front of us, and that was so cruel! they looked so good! ;) I was so proud of myself for resisting them.

Friday evening I went to a friends' house and they had Craft night for the Lifegroup girls. I am not very crafty at all, but I wanted to go and hang out. The other girls, however, are. They all have their boxes with all of their supplies.. its serious stuff ;) I watched them all make things and wished I had that talent. Kim did show me how to make these cool bracelets using just ribbon and pop tabs from soda cans! They are soo cute! I made a pink and black one. I got so frustrated with the ribbons, but I eventually finished! Kim also gave two of them to have, one with purple and green ribbons, and one with Carolina ribbons. Ive been wearing them too, they are so unique! I will have pics of them up soon ;) Erika made Brooke a bow with OWL ribbon too, isnt she she best? ;) Teresa made a gorgeous wreath, and that inspired me to try to make one soon. I actually think that is something I can do. Maybe I'll become crafty after all?! Who knows. Kim was so sweet and had bought all this healthy food for us to eat since alot of us are trying to lose weight. It was all so good, too, and I had a diet coke! Ugggh I hate diet drinks but I have been desperate to keep up my soda. I Wish I could give it up all together, but one step at a time!

Saturday morning we got the kids ready and went to Hickory Dickory Dock to use up the rest of the gift certificate they had gotten for Christmas. We bought 100 tickets and split them up for the kids. Those things dont last very long at all! Arnold and Caleb played some sort of shooting game almost the whole time.. they almost beat it too! I know Arnold loves having a son to play things like that with ;) The kids only ended up with around 135 tickets, and the prizes start at 100 tickets! The girl there was nice enough to let all the kids get something though. Chuck E Cheese has things for like 10 and 20 tickets.. I dont know why they dont do that too. Not every kid is going to win a ton of tickets! But anyway... after that we went by Wendys for lunch. I even ate healthy there. There are somewhat healthy choices if you just try. Once again, I stared at the kids' fries though and wished I was eating them too! After lunch we went home and Arnold and Rachel took naps because they weren't feeling too well :(

Sunday morning we woke up late.. I cant believe the kids actually slept in! I had to work at Boxcar Babies and so I went ahead to church before Arnold and the kids. I held a sweet little guy the WHOLE time I was in there, and rocked him to sleep. He had come in there screaming and crying, but he calmed down for me.. The baby whisperer is at work yet again! ;) Then I went to the 2nd service with Arnold. After church we got some lunch (at Subway again-- they have the best choices for dieters, I think!) And Brooke and I stopped by the Goodwill Outlet. Have yall seen that place? I didnt know what it was but I wanted to see. I love getting books, picture frames, etc at Goodwill when I can find them. So whats different about this place is that they are NOT organized.. their stuff is just in big bins. But if you are patient enough to look through for awhile, its worth it sometimes. I found 2 new books to read, one that I was actually getting to BUY, and I got it there for less than $1. Once again.. gotta love those deals! They also charge by the pound, instead of individual items. You can get a lot of clothes cheap there that way!

Sunday afternoon my mom came over to visit the kids since she hadnt seen them in awhile. She brought them over special snacks she had made them, and even bagged up some with notes for Brooke's school snacks-- thought that was sweet! She brought them each a new book, too. ( we are big on books in this family! ;) I showed her my newly painted bedroom, and she was like "wow, thats a lot of purple!" I could tell it wasnt her style at all. And to be honest, I was hoping for a diff shade in there, it came out a lot brighter than I had imagined. But its paint.. we can always change it again someday. And its so much better than that old, ugly green that was in there before! It is growing on me. I just wish it looked more "relaxing lavender" and less "little girl purple." ha! Anyway-- I also tried out a new show (ok not NEW but new to me!) on Netflix this weekend, called Rita Rocks. I love it! Even Arnold had watched some episodes with me too. Did I mention how much use we are getting out of the Netflix?! :)

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  1. I've been wondering about that outlet. Thanks for the heads up about the lack of organization. I'll have to go when I'm not in a hurry to get anywhere. :)