Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun, Friends, & Football

Friday morning we FINALLY got our tax money deposited in the bank! So i was very happy about that. I spent the morning paying a bunch of bills we needed to get taken care of-- huge weight off my shoulders. My mom came over and I was able to give her a check to pay her back for some major van repairs she helped us with last year. So thankful that we do have family around to help us out in a pinch. Then she went with Rachel and I to the school to have lunch with Brooke and Caleb. They didn't know we were coming so they were totally surprised! In the lunch line I heard lots of Caleb's friends saying "LOOK! its your MOMMY! And caleb was like "I know!!! Geez" Like he was embarassed.. but you could see him smiling ;) Bless him! (A Ray reference ;)

That evening Brooke and Arnold went to the Girl Scout Father/Daughter Dance. It really is such a sweet and memorable night. I remember going with my dad when I was younger.. we still have a pic around of us somewhere! Anyway, Brooke got to finally wear her new dress. she had been bugging me for days to wear it. When she got home from school I curled her hair, it turned out SO pretty! I mean she is a beautiful girl to begin with, but when I saw her "all done up" i was stunned. We are in major trouble when she grows up! ;) Arnold came home from work and got ready, but the shirt we had laid out for him to wear was too tight so he had to change his outfit last-minute. He ended up wearing the suit and tie he wore to his Aunt Nancy's funeral and he looked so cute! Arnold hardly ever dresses up-- believe me, so It was fun to see ;) I took pics of them outside before they left, I was glad we still had some daylight left by the time we got around to taking them.

While they were at the dance I went out with Joanne. Her son and Caleb went bowling with a church group. I was really afraid Caleb would not go since Brooke was not there for him to hang out with. He is really attached to that girl still. But he was good with Logan being there to hang out with. Joanne, Rachel and I went to Once Upon a Child to look around while we waited on them to get back. Found a few things for Caleb and they had a 25cent book clearance on some books so I found a bunch of those too (of course) Glad i looked-- because they actually had some decent ones in there. Got the 3rd book in the "No David" series. Rachel LOVES that books, she finds it hilarious ;) Oh and Rachel decided to poop while we were in the store... she always knows how to time these things just perfectly :-/ She was smelling horrible and I know the smell was following us around so I took her outside to change it in the van. Yes we are still working on the potty-training thing. She will SIT on the potty but not actually go. Oh well. Then before we went back to the church, we stopped by Mc Donalds and we were BAD. I know, supposed to be on this diet. But it was the weekend and it was calling out to us! Seriously! ;) I got a Reese's McFlurry (they are GOOD yall!) And Rachel did end up stealing it and eating alot for herself though. When we got back to the church, the kids still weren't back yet so we sat in the van and listened to the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack and chatted and laughed. I love nights like that, Joanne is a great friend and we have made some awesome memories over the years :)

Saturday we took the kids out to lunch at Ranch Viejo. They were not very well-behaved and they made a huge mess. I keep telling myself I am just going to for-go real restaurants until they are much, much older. I always end up embarassed when we go out to eat. Its just so stressful! That evening I went over to Jackie's house for a girls' night. She had me and Joanne over (and Erika couldnt make it :( I got to play with her sweet doggies! One is a black puppy named Marley and he was soooo sweet! He kept getting onto my lap and snuggling up and falling asleep. I guess he could tell I am a dog person ;) We played Band Hero and I played the guitar to several songs. I always get psyched when I play that game and wish I could be a real rockstar. But I dont think that will ever happen, considering I can't even master Guitar HERO, much less the actual guitar. Although we know that would thrill Arnold if I learned how to play. I just don't have the patience to learn! (and yes, he has tried to teach me before...)

Sunday morning I went to church early and worked in the Boxcar Babies class. We had 2 little babies in there this week, and 2 toddlers. I played on the floor with the little babies most of the time. It went great this week, the babies all seemed to get along and no one threw a fit, so I'd say it was a success :) Then Arnold and the kids showed up and we went to the 11:00 service. Another message on finances. I really like this series. We actually went to a Financial workshop the other night at one of the other Christ Church Campuses, and I learned so much. Arnold and I are eager to try to put some of the practices into play so we can get on track with some things we need to do (budget better, pay off more debt, etc) I know its what God wants us to do. He entrusts us with money and the least I can do is learn how to better manage it! :)

Sunday evening was of course, the Superbowl. Im not a huge sports fan, but I do give into all the hype... the food, parties, competition, etc. And I did grow up in a sports-loving household, so I've been around all that mess for my whole life. Arnold was going for the Patriots and I was going for the Giants. Arnold was just SO sure the Pats would win, he is always "so sure of himself." ;) We decided to make a little bet to make it interesting. I said if my team won he would have to take off work Friday to spend the day with me and Rachel. And he said if he won I would have to feed the dogs for a week (usually his job) I know that was a pretty lame bet but we don't have that exciting of lives, ok! Geez! But anyway-- we let the kids stay up until just after the Half-time show. I liked it pretty well... I have heard all the hype about Madonna might have been lip syncing, but who knows. And then at the end the game REALLY got good and I was really biting my nails (more so than I already do ;) And I was VERY happy with the outcome, needless to say. Arnold walked out of the living room and put on his shoes-- I asked him where he was going and he said "OUTSIDE TO FEED THE DARN DOGS!!!" Haha, hilarious. He is not a big sports fan either, but he got pumped up like most men do and really wanted to win. If you ask me he is just a sore loser. I mean come on, he gets to take off work on Friday.. isn't that a win for him too?! ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!!! :)

Brooke and Daddy before the dance

Isn't she beautiful!!!!
Rachel at the school ready to have lunch

Me with Jackie's puppy :)

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