Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mommy Confessions

Thought this would be a fun blog post. Thought I would go ahead and throw it all there, the good, bad, and the ugly. I have made MANY mistakes since becoming a mom, ya'll just have no idea. I'd like to think that I'm doing the best I can (most days) but you know, we all make mistakes, so that's ok. Most of our kids turn out pretty good ;)

~When Brooke was a few months old, I was taking her to the park for a playdate and when we turned a corner during the drive I looked back and noticed her carseat leaning over and her squished up against the car window. Yep, I had forgotten to buckle her into her seat.

~When Brooke started drinking juice, one time I had poured her some and she kept spitting it out giving me weird looks. I later mentioned it to my MIL who asked me how long I had had it in the fridge. I said I didnt know, probably a few weeks. She told me then that juice only lasts opened for about a week or so, and it had gone bad. I was giving my poor girl nasty, soured juice. No wonder she gave me those faces! I dont drink juice so I had no idea!

~Brooke rolled off the couch not one, not two, but probably three times when she was a baby.

~Brooke started choking on a puff at Easter one year. She was sitting with MIL and she was ok of course after a minute or two. Freaked me out.

(Realizing now that Brooke really was the perfect example of a "test-out" child. Poor kid ;)

~We were playing outside one day when Caleb was a baby and still learning to sit up. He leaned forward, and face-planted into the driveway. I think I cried more than he did.

~We were pretty tight on money the week Caleb was born, so we didn't buy that "famous hospital photo" that everyone seems to have framed in their house. Do we have one of Brooke? Yep. Will he ask one day where his is? Maybe. But I have TONS of other pics of him, so it should be ok.

~I on many occasions have given the kids a lollipop or something similar to "keep them quiet and busy" while I take a quick shower.

~All 3 of my kids have tried and loved fast food. Try not to get it too much but come on, sometimes its just easier. Caleb actually cried one night when we went out to a nice restaurant because he was saying "THIS ISNT MCDONALDS!!!" Yeah.

~I let the kids watch tv shows in the morning while I get some things done (one of those being checking facebook-- I know I'm on it too much!)

~Haven't updated the baby books in who knows how long. Did pretty well with keeping up with Brooke's but then came the other kids and who has time or memory for that?! At least i keep up with this blog so I can look back and remember the big stuff that happened.

~I have tried to do better, but I buy way too much at the holidays. Especially Christmas. I just get way too excited. I know the holidays are not at all about the "stuff." But I like shopping for the kids. They may be a little spoilted... I was too growing up.

~I don't always follow through with punishments. I threaten a LOT! But how much do I actually GO THROUGH with what I said I was going to do? Not enough. Need to work on that.

~I've given the kids cookies or another sweet for breakfast before, when we were running late.

~I didnt "over-do" it with our Elf on the Shelf this past year. I am so glad we started the tradition, it was a lot of fun. But i saw people doing elaborate things with their elf. Did i do anything that elaborate? Not really. I did have him hiding every morning for the kids to find and a few days left them small gifts from him. They were happy enough with that.

~I have a bad memory and have forgotten things for the kids on several occasions when dealing with school. You name it-- I've forgotten Brooke's snack before, forgotten to have the kids wear tennis shoes on gym day, forgotten to return a library book, etc. One time we actually LOST a library book and I had to pay for it. MUCH later it did turn up...

~I have "clipped" the kids' legs a few times when buckling them into their car seats. I always felt so bad about that, because they just cried and cried :( To be fair, my girls had really chubby legs! ;)

~Oh yeah, I've totally used spit to wipe away something on their face or slick down a piece of hair before going in somewhere. I know thats gross.... but if you don't experience much grosser things being a parent something is wrong.

~Caleb has worn girl panties and girl socks before when I was in a pinch. Not really that big a deal, might embarass him one day if I tell him though ;)

~Most days we listen to regular music in the van. Stuff I want to listen to. The kids have been exposed to all kinds of music already. If there is a bad word I know thats coming up I will turn it down really quick. Rachel already knows most of the words to Ceelo Green's "Forget You" and I caught Caleb singing "Moves like Jagger" the other day :)

~In the winter time if the kids didnt get dirty or sweaty that day, sometimes we will skip a bath for them that night. Kids dont always get that dirty. Especially LITTLE kids.

~All of my kids have repeated a word I wish they hadn't. And yeah it was totally my fault. Or Arnold's. But I am working on my language!

~We didn't co-sleep with any of ours kids. Mostly that was because of Arnold-- he said absolutely not. But now I'm glad we didn't. I hear "horror stories" of kids being 5, 6, 7 years old and the parents still can't get them out of the bed. I know it can be all "magical" and "bonding time" and all that, but I'll admit-- I like my sleep. I like waking up refreshed and not being kicked in the face all night. I like my space. And alone time with my husband ;) I see nothing wrong with that. I bond with my kids in many other ways. And they are all FABULOUS sleepers. They go to bed around 8 and sleep ALL NIGHT. :)

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