Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~I'm loving that Rachel decided to sleep in this morning. Don't know how that happened. She slept right through Brooke and Caleb getting up, running around, and getting ready for school. But it means I got to sit down for awhile and have my breakfast in peace :)

~I'm loving that I finally got Arnold's Valentine's present. I got him Guitar Hero for Wii. Its a bundle with the guitar and 2 games. Ok, its actually something we both will get use out of ;) I also got him a big Reese's peanut butter heart yesterday while Rachel and I were at Target, and one of those BIG cards, it has monkeys on it :)

~I'm loving how cute it is that Arnold can never seem to keep a surprise. He already admitted to me that I am getting flowers delivered on Valentine's day as my gift. I haven't gotten flowers since our anniversary a year ago, so that was sweet of him. I'm not sure what kind, but my favorites are roses, so we will see :)

~I'm loving that baby Pearce is turning ONE on Friday! She is such a miracle, and has touched so many lives. The party they are having for her on Saturday will be HUGE, I know. I heard nearly 500 people RSVPed to it. I wish I could be there.

~I'm loving that Caleb was so incredibly stoked over the movie preview for Star Wars- in 3d. He saw it the other night during the Super Bowl. Arnold is going to try to take him on Saturday. It will be a fun Father/Son outing.

~I'm loving another show I found to watch on Netflix called "Til' Death." Its a comedy about marriage. Has me laughing so much, even Arnold will watch it with me. So many things relate to us.. we are just an old married couple now ;)

~I'm loving that Ricky Martin was on last night's episode of Glee. I will admit that the episode overall was kindof strange and wasn't the best, but I used to love Ricky Martin when I was younger. It was neat to hear some of his songs, too.

~I'm loving that Arnold and I are researching cameras. We are in the market for a new one. We want a "nice" one since I take so many pictures of the kids. We don't know much about them, though. Right now we are looking at Canons, everyone says they are the best. Any suggestions or recommendtations??

~I'm loving that I ordered the Grandparents Valentines' day cards from the kids. Of course pics of the kids are included :) I ordered them off a site called Tiny Prints. Anyone else used them before? They have some really cute cards!! I also paid the 44cents and they will be sent directly to them this weekend sometime!

~I'm loving that I am back on track this week with my weight loss and exercise. I was a bad girl over the past weekend, did not do well at all. Thought it would be easier to stick with this after doing it a month, but I still get tempted often to eat badly or slack off. Hopefully this week will be better.

~I'm loving that we bought a ticket to a Valentines Day dinner at a friend's church. Saturday night Arnold and I get to go have dinner and childcare is included in the ticket price, so we get to have a STRESS-FREE dinner! :) Also, the money supports the youth which is always good!

~I'm loving that tomorrow night I'm going to celebrate a friend's birthday. Always love girl time!

~I'm loving that tomorrow morning we are having a Valentines Day playdate/party for the little kids. Thought it would be fun to let Rachel's friends come over and so they could hang out and exchange valentines too, like the big kids in school. We went out this morning and got some cute plates, napkins, decorations and a few craft things. My friend Beth offered to make cupcakes, too. That was so sweet of her! And Rachel will get to wear her personalized Vday shirt with the owl that Mandy made :)

~I'm loving that Friday night Arnold and I are going out to eat with Ray and Kelly! They are in our lifegroup and good friends of ours. It is always so hard for us to get together because of all our busy schedules, but we finally seemed to make it work out! Our parents are watching the kids for us while we go. we will probably go to Olive Garden... i love that place!

~I'm loving that Girl Scout cookies are back in this weekend! I have been waiting for weeks to get my hands on some peanut butter patties.. yum yum! Brooke has signed up for a few time slots to sell cookies out at booths in the area, so if you are feeling generous, feel free to buy even more cookies! ;)

~I'm loving that Sunday we will be celebrating my good friend Joanne's son's 1st birthday! I can't believe it has been 1 year since he was born. Seems like just yesterday Brooke and I were headed up to the hospital to visit them. Time flies, thats for sure! Lookng forward to the party at their house, and hanging out with friends. Oh, and the cake will be good too ;)

~I'm loving that my Sister-in-law Jenn finally got with it and joined Pinterest. It's about time, right?! That site is so addicting. Just another thing to waste my time *sigh*

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