Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend in Review

Friday morning Rachel and I went out to meet someone who had bought a few things from me. Since we were already out, we grabbed some lunch and then decided to go to a few stores. We went to Target first to check out their Valentine clearance. I was able to get 2 bags of "Vday" hershey kisses (my weakness) for $1.48 a bag, so I was happy about that. I also got Arnold a HUGE bag of the mini boxes of Nerds (his all-time fave candy) as a little surprise. its funny, even the kids call that "Daddy's candy." :) I also picked up a pair of fuzzy socks with ladybugs on them, half off since they were "Vday" socks. Anyone else love the fuzzy socks as much as I do? I love getting them from Target or B&Body Works. Love to wear them around the house or at night when Im feeling cold. Next we went over to Once Upon a Child, (a consignment store) and was just killing some time. I browsed but didn't really find anything. Decided to check the next size up for Rachel and hit the jackpot!! Someone had brought in a whole ROW full of girl's Gymboree clothes, and most were new-with-tags. I went crazy scooping them up. I LOVE their clothes but can never buy them full prize because they are so expensive. So I went through and had an entire pile of stuff that I technically didn't need, but it was such a good deal and they were precious. I happened to run into a friend of mine in the store doing some shopping, and she totally agreed with me that I should get them, and that she would even back me up to Arnold ;) Later I told Arnold and he said that he was expecting much worse when I told him the total, but he picked on me and said that Jenn was a bad influence on me ;) It was a little "high" for me that day, I just can't explain it, sorry :)

Friday evening our church was doing a "Couples Night Out." If you paid $10 they would watch your kids while you went out for a few hours to have a date. They said they wanted to show the couples in the church that they cared about us and our marriages, I thought that was really awesome. I keep finding more and more things I love about our church and the people in it :) Anyway, we dropped the kids off at 6:30 and then they had some appetizers in the lobby area, and drinks. They were playing an Adele cd for background music, too ;) The buffalo chicken dip was awesome by the way, Arnold ate a few plates of that stuff even before we left ;) They did a door prize, someone won a marriage book, and someone won a $25 giftcard to spend on their dinner. We didn't win either, but one of our friend's did, so we were happy for them ;) We then left and met my friend Jess and her fiance at Ocharleys for dinner. We don't get to see them much anymore because we are all so busy with the kids and our schedules, etc, so I was so excited for that night. They had gotten there earlier and already had a name down, so we didn't have to wait TOO long. Jess and I both ordered the same exact thing for dinner (not planned). Some things just dont change, we are alot alike, I love that girl :) We had a great time and when we got back we could tell the kids had had a great time, too. Rachel had played with some other kids, and the bigger kids had watched a movie. They were even fed dinner and dessert. Seriously-- if you are looking for a home church, come visit us! We have modern music, great kid's programs, caring staff, and relatable messages! :)

Saturday morning we went to Kenzie's birthday party at Chick Fila. You know Rachel was excited about that! ;) I had never been to a party there, but I thought it was really great. The kids got to play in the enclosed play area, and they set out balloons at all the chairs which the kids got to take home later. The theme was Minnie Mouse and Erika had brought in a cute cupcake cake. All the kids got a kids meal and a drink, and icecream, then of course we had the cupcakes, too. The cow made an appearance, and all the kids went crazy. My kids especially, they attacked him. I dont know what it is about people dressed up, but Brooke and Caleb will not calm down around them, I saw them high-fiving, hugging, running his stomach, commenting on his "crooked" name it. It can actually get embarassing after awhile, I had to pull them away ;) Also, we were watching my 11-year old niece for the day, so she went with us. My kids love her, so they were excited to have an extra person to play with that day.

After the party we went to get some gas in the van, and went through the car wash. (Brooke has overcome her fear, yay! ;) We then went home so the kids could play Wii-- it was hard coming up with something that kids of all different ages could do together. Later that afternoon I took Brooke and Peyton to a local grocery store and we helped sell cookies at our troop's booth. It was the first time we had helped out and Brooke was a little nervous and soft-spoken, but she did great. The girls actually sold a decent amount of cookies while we were there. The men bought the most, I guess they couldn't resist the cute little girls ;) We took Brooke to work her cuteness! ;) That night Peyton's Paw (which is also the kid's great uncle) took the girls out to dinner. My kids have always been really close to their uncle gene since he lives right next door, so Brooke was really excited to get to go. They went to their fave. place ever, China Garden Buffet (or as Brooke likes to call it, just CHINA ;) Meanwhile Arnold and I ordered some pizza for us and the little kids, and let Caleb play TMNT on the wii. When they later went to bed Arnold and I tried out his new game I got him--Beatles Rockband, so fun!

Sunday morning we got ready and went to church. I couldn't get over how cold it was outside, and so dreary and rainy too. That afternoon the big kids and I went with my Mom and Dad to a local theater to see the Alice in Wonderland play. My mom had gotten us all tickets for Vday. The kids were excited to go back, since they had enjoyed seeing the Wizard of Oz back in Sept. The play was pretty good, but not as good as the last one had been, In my opinion. But i did enjoy it, and those kids were really talented! I could never act, I would screw up my lines and probably bust out laughing half the time :) During the intermission Caleb needed to go to the bathroom but he wouldn't go with me into the ladies room, so I took him to the men's room, but then he wouldn't go in there either. A sweet-looking old gentleman asked if he wanted us to help Caleb out, and Caleb said yes, so we let him go in. The man was at least 70 years old, dressed in a suit, and with his wife at an afternoon play of Alice in Wonderland. I didn't think he was any danger to us ;) I thought it was pretty sweet actually. But just to let everyone know, no I dont usually let my kids go off with strangers, just to clear that up ;) My dad joked he had to go along to the play to hold my hand in case I got scared. I was terrified as a Kid of Alice in Wonderland.. still not sure why, it's just so trippy to me... Yeah. But anyway! When we got home it was starting to snow. The kids were THRILLED. Me, not so much. At least Caleb FINALLY got to see his snow this season, and I got a few pictures of it. At least they only got a delay this morning, because I was not ready for another day with all 3 kids at home ;)

My great stash from the consignment store. Cute, right?!

Out to dinner on Friday night
Happy Birthday Makenzie!

The kids with their Grandma, waiting on the play to start

The kids checking out daddy's car covered in snow

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