Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012!

We had already celebrated Vday last week so yesterday was pretty low-key, but still fun. The kids woke up to surprises from us. My mom always had us little treats for every holiday and I love doing the same thing for my kids. Not that they should ever EXPECT anything but I like doing it for fun. All 3 kids got a new book, a small thing of candy, and a little toy. Brooke used her 5 year old reasoning skills and convinced Caleb to share half his skittles with her (smart girl ;) Rachel slept in and didnt even get her stuff until the big kids left for school. She loved her little Vday puppy and carried it around all morning. She wore her custom Vday shirt Mandy made her again. Although once I washed it it didn't look so good anymore, and I hate ironing so that didnt happen ;)

At lunch time Rachel and I were going to go see her daddy and Paw at work for lunch (they both work at the same company.) We usually go once a week, so I knew this week it would be yesterday since it was Vday. We stoppd by Krispy Kreme and picked up a dozen donuts to take them for dessert, as a surprise. Arnold loves those things (I wont lie, I do too!) And I ended up feeling bad because my Father in Law is on a diet right now but he still ended up eating one. I didnt mean to tempt anyone, just wanted to do a sweet gesture! ;) He later texted me and said thanks, and he worked out extra at the gym that afternoon since he had had one ;) Rachel had one too, along with some of the kids' candy. She had waaay too many sweets for one day, but it was a special occasion, right?!

When I picked up the big kids from school, they were all excited and telling me about their day. They had little parties in their classrooms and handed out valentines cards to their friends. They came home with lots and lots of cards and candy.. thankfully they were sweet and shared with their little sister ;) I had made homeade chocolate lollipops for the kids' teachers and taped them onto a card for each ot them. Like doing things every so often for them to show them how much they are appreciated. Hey, if I had to deal with 18 "Calebs" every single day I think I would go crazy, so I commend Mrs. Corpening ;)

Anyway, that evening we ordered us and the kids pizza for dinner. We had heard Papa Johns was doing heart-shaped pizzas and I thought that was really cute, so we got one for the kids. Arnold and I ended up getting regular "circle" pizzas because he said you got less pizza when they shaped it. Seriously.. only my husband! The kids weren't THAT excited about the heart shape, and It was ripped apart seconds after bringing it home, so now I wonder if It was worth it after all :P But I LOVE Papa John's. We hardly ever get it since there is not one close to our house. After dinner Brooke went on to Girl Scouts.

Arnold ended up going to pick up Brooke from scouts while I took a shower and relaxed a little (so sweet) And when the kids went to bed we settled back and watched the Vday episode of Glee (haha we have such exciting lives dont we) I liked the episode and liked that they threw a Whitney Houston song in there as well, still can't believe what happened. We also watched a few more shows before going to bed. All the while I was snacking on "sweet tart hearts" yum :) Brooke woke up in the middle of the night (4Am to be exact) crying in her room. Turns out she wasn't feeling well, and I ended up giving her medicine and sleeping in her bed with her. She has a twin bed and she likes to spread out also, so I spent the night shoved up against her wall, and pretty cold. Ah, the things we do as parents. And for the record, all my kids are AWESOME sleepers. And of course the one night one of them wakes up it is on Vday. But oh well, Arnold didnt seem to mind I left at all.. he rolled over and started snoring again ;)

Hope everyone had a great day with their loved ones!! :)

Arnold with the donuts at work

The roses he sent me and our cards to each other, on our mantle
Sweet Rachel in her Vday shirt. Her bow didnt last long at all..

The kids getting ready to leave for school

The kids Vday goodies :)

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