Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that Caleb got the Teriffic Kid award! His teacher told me the other day so Arnold and I would be sure to make it to the awards ceremony at school on Thurs morning. Brooke is also going to get recognized on Thurs. morning for getting the Citizen of the Month Award back in Nov. I am excited to go and see them, I am so proud!

~I'm loving that I made it through a shopping trip to Target today without totally losing my mind. You're right, I love Target more than just about any other store. But Rachel was with me, and you never know what kind of mood she is going to be in. I had to return a pair of shoes I had gotten in the wrong size and she threw her Spongebob over the customer service counter while I was talking to the lady. Later she spilled a tube of Mini M&Ms all over the aisle (after I had just bought it for her to try to bribe her to be good, of course). But other than those things It went well I guess. Was able to get alot with coupons I had printed off online.

~I'm loving that the kids are starting to feel better. They still have those nasty, hacking coughs, but they don't have fevers. And we found out that Rachel doesn't have the flu or anything really serious. I was worried about it the other night when she was just so darn pitiful. I hate it when my kids are feeling bad and there is not much I can do. I actually cried over Rachel-- so just looked so sad :(

~I'm loving that our Wii Fit was delivered today! Seems like it took forever to get here. I can't wait to try it out. Like to have different things to do to "work out" so I can keep it fresh. Because I'll be honest, I don't like working out that much! I always feel better after I actually do it, but before its hard to get me motivated, and during I feel all nasty and gross. I hate to get sweaty-- did i mention that?! That's why I HAVE to take showers in the mornings instead of nights, because I get sweaty at night when I'm sleeping.

~I'm loving that I got to go to the hospital the other day to meet my friend Mandy's new baby girl. Her name is Bristol--isnt that cute?! She was 6lbs and 4 ozs which is so tiny to me! None of my kids were under 7lbs, and most of them were over 8lbs ;) I got to hold her for a little bit. I went up there with Joanne, so me and her, and the kiddos went to lunch afterwards too. Was fun to hang out for awhile.

~I'm loving that Glee did Michael Jackson on last night's episode! Found myself singing along alot. Also-- for those who still watch, can you believe the stuff going on between Rachel and Finn lately?! Finn is my crush by the way ;)

~I'm loving that Brooke got a pretty good report card yesterday. In Kindergarten she doesn't get actual letter grades yet. But she got all "Satisfactory" except for paying attention (again). And there's a few things we need to still work on like creative problem solving and her hand-writing neatness (must get that from her Mom! ;) But she is doing great in school and I love to see everything she is learning.

~I'm loving a new workout dvd that my friend suggested to me. Its called "5 Really Big Miles." I have been doing it every day since I got it. Has a lot of different things to do and I dont get bored. I also don't feel like i'm dying by the end of it like I do with the Jillian Michaels dvd ;) Its on Amazon pretty cheap if anyone is interested!

~I'm loving that its almost time for the Girl Scout Father/Daughter dance friday night! I am so excited to see Arnold and Brooke go, I know they will have the best time. And the whole idea is just SO sweet! I found Brooke's dress, and this week I found her some tights and shoes. Now all she needs is a light-weight sweater to wear too, since its still pretty chilly at night.

~I'm loving that our tax money is going to be deposited in 2 days-- on Friday. I know I said this before, it was SUPPOSED to be in there this morning, so imagine my surprise when it wasn't! Arnold checked the IRS website and it says Friday morning now. Not sure what the delay was for, but at least it was just 2 days and not 2 weeks or something crazy like that.

~I'm loving that I got myself 3 new tops this week. (Did i mention that our STATE money DID come back already-- so we had a little extra $$$ this past week. I usually dont buy myself a lot of clothes but Im tempted to when we have a little extra, plus I am loving buying stuff now that I'm seeing a change in my body. Its still a LITTLE change, mind you, but its something.

~I'm loving that our Lifegroup is going to a financial seminar tonight instead of our usual meeting. It sounds really interesting. Anything that teaches us how to better handle our finances sounds good to me! I'll admit we're not the best at it. We have some debt to pay down (mostly medical bills) and Arnold and I are both "spenders" although he will spend faster than me-- I like to spend more on "good deals" and he will want to buy one big thing that "wows" him. We never do an actual "budget" just kind of do our own system. I've tried the "envelope" system if you are aware of that-- that probably has worked best so far. But I know we need to do better.

~I'm loving that I have finally made the decision to search for my biological parents this year. What has stopped me in the past? A few things. Money-- its very costly to search. Fear-- of a few things actually.. rejection, possible death of my bio parents already, it being too hard of a process, etc etc. The whole thing is just really emotional. I will write a whole blog about it later on, but I am just glad I have made a step forward. And Arnold supports me 100% so it will be good to have his help!

~I'm loving the nice weather we've had the past few days. It was so warm and sunny yesterday! And it was pretty warm today, even if it DID start raining this afternoon. Tomorrow it is supposed to reach 70 degrees. 70. In February. That's pretty nice! I hope Rachel and I can find time to make it to the park for awhile, or at least play outside in our own yard!

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