Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Ok I know its really Thursday, but bear with me, I have been extra busy this week :P

~I'm loving that my Valentine's day gift came yesterday. It JUST missed Vday by a day, but also came a day earlier than I expected. I got him Guitar Hero III bundle and an extra game-- Guitar Hero: Metallica. I think he was happy with that :)

~I'm loving that Rachel is already showing friendships with other little girls. She absolutely loves hanging out with her friends Amelia and Makenzie. They are so sweet when they get together (and sometimes a little crazy, too ;)

~I'm loving that Samuel finally made his big appearance on Glee the other night! For those of you who dont know, he's the one who won Glee Project. ;) They wrote some guest-appearance spots for him on the show, and he is playing a Christian character-- even better

~I'm loving that last night we had "dinner duty" for Lifegroup. I took hotdogs--the simplest thing ever to make. Seemed to make the guys happy though. I love me some hotdogs! I know they are not at all healthy, but they are yummy.

~I'm loving that we're doing a Money Series in Lifegroup right now. We just ordered some books and workbooks that we can all work on together. We are learning to budget better, save more money, coupon, tithe more easily, and all that. Who can't use a few pointers on money??

~I'm loving the new friendships i am making through our church. God really sends people into your life with you need them, its not just an accident! I am really finding that out since we started attending this awesome church :)

~I'm loving that I was able to sell some of my old books I've read and Wii games the kids weren't interested in anymore. Easy way to make some $$$ and of course make some space for new things ;) I just got Caleb Star Wars game for Wii and he is going to flip!

~I'm loving that we get to go to Bojangles for dinner tonight. They are having a fundraiser through Brooke and Caleb's school, from 5-8 pm.

~I'm loving that today was payday and I was able to get some bills paid.

~I'm loving that Arnold and I actually ended up spending our tax check this year pretty reasonably. Usually we blow a LOT of it. But this year we paid off some bills, gave a lot to church, gave some to another cause, were able to buy each other nicer Valentine's Day gifts than we usually do, and I was able to get some new clothes and shoes. Oh and I can't forget that Arnold got to spend some on building a new guitar. Had to throw the fun part in there too ;)

~I'm loving the website Christian I have gotten roped into yet another place to buy books from. They have awesome Christian-based books on everything from marriages, spirituality, money, wellness, parenting.. just to name a few. I ordered a few books awhile back. Right now I am reading one about "intimacy" to put it nicely :) I really am enjoying it.

~I'm loving that Arnold and I are getting to have another date tomorrow night. Its a "Couples Night" our church is doing, so the kids will be watched there while we go out. We are actually going to dinner with a great friend of mine, and her fiance. We don't get to see them as much anymore since we all started having kids, so I am looking so forward to this!

~I'm loving that my parents' Vday gift to the kids this year was tickets to a play. This Sunday we are going with my Mom and Dad to see "Alice in Wonderland." We took them to see "Wizard of Oz" awhile back and they really enjoyed it. Hoping this one is just as good.

~I'm loving our new Canon camera. Yeah its just the little point-and-shoot, but it takes much better pictures than my last camera did. Still can't wait until we get our Canon Rebel in April though ;)

~I'm loving the fuzzy socks I am currently wearing. It's the little things :)

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