Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

So another year has started. And I say this every year but I want this year to be good for us, and better than before. I want to try harder and accomplish more.
Some things I am looking forward to in 2013:
-Arnold's 31st birthday (actually today!)
-Celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary
-Getting taxes back and hopefully paying off our van
-Planning big bday parties for the kids (look forward to that every year!)
-Meeting one of my very best friend's new baby this Summer
-Celebrating my 28th Birthday
-Rachel starting preschool (even though it will be bittersweet!)
-Seeing Caleb start to play team sports
-See Brooke bridge up to a Brownie Girlscout!
-Me starting back to college in the Fall!!!!
-Hopefully taking a family vacation somewhere
Some Goals I have for this coming Year:
-Getting my house/life organized. I have lots and lots of ideas, tips, etc stored up from magazines, pictures, pinterest.. now just to put it all into action.
-Get our finances in order. We had a tough year this past year. We want to pay off some medical bills and other stuff and get back on track.
-Save money and budget Christmas better this year, I went overboard in the past!
-Starting to exercise more regularly. I'll admit, I hate it. But I feel so much better when I do it! And if I start losing weight, that is all the better :)
-Going to see one or two of my favorite bands in concert sometime this year
-Read through the Old Testament of the Bible. I read parts here and there but want to pace myself and get through the whole thing.
-Learn how to juggle being in college, Arnold's jobs, the kids' activities, my volunteer stuff, church stuff, friend time, and all the other craziness of life!
-Have a date night with Arnold once a month or every other month. We need the time.. I miss our frequent dates back before kids!
-Read at least 40 books this year-- shouldn't be hard at all.. as I love reading :)
-Plan mama/child dates with the kids throughout the year so they can get their one-on-one time with me. I have done this a few times and we all enjoy it.
So there are some of my jumbled thoughts! Anyone else have goals/ideas for the new year??

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