Thursday, January 24, 2013

Made me Laugh

They are ;) Peeta, Jacob, and all those sweet boys ;)

This is only funny if you are a grammar nerd, like me. 

I always nearly kill myself trying to get into the house on grocery day. Because I look like this. I HATE going back to the car for more things!

I love Beaker from the Muppets. Brooke loves Justin Bieber. So this was appropriate :)

This made me cringe! I have to eat Kit Kats by breaking each one off and eating them separately. I thought everyone did that?!

How true is this statement? Plus, Arnold is just like the stereotypical husband by leaving his socks everywhere for me to find and pick up.

This is just like Molly. You never know where that cat is. And then she will pounce on you! It scares the living daylights out of the kids ;)

If it has several steps, I start to get nervous. And doubt my abilities ;)

It is not easy! Promise me! Do you see how stressed I am on a regular basis? Do you know I take anxiety pills? Do you see that I am not well-rested, or fashionable? That all comes from being a mom. But yeah, it is worth it ;)

This is me all the time. I always get excited to try out new stuff, or need more because we ran out. Then I am already in the shower, dripping wet, and don't want to get back out!

It really is. It sucks you in. You can never get out of there without spending money. And usually lots of money. I was just in there last night!

I have only done Zumba a few times. And this is why. Most people look silly doing this ;)

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