Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekend in Review

Friday morning I had to take Brooke to the dr. We had scheduled her for an appt to talk about her having problems with attention and focus at school. More on that later. Thankfully my mom came up with me and watched Caleb and Rachel in the waiting room while we went back. The kids were still off of school on Friday. They had FIFTEEN days off at Christmas break, can you believe it? I was starting to go nuts, as you can imagine ;)

That evening Arnold and I went out with some friends. It was actually two couples.. the guys are in the same band he is in. They decided we should get the wives together and go out and hang out. I am glad they suggested that because I could always use a night out! The kids got to spend the night at their Grandparents' house, so they were happy. We were going to go to Longhorn, but when we got there they said there were 50-60 people in line before us! Insane! Who waits that long for food?! Anyway, then we decided to go to O'Charley's instead, and only waited about 10 minutes or less.. much better :) I got this chicken sandwich I had never tried there before, and it was really good. Arnold is on a diet right now, but sort of "cheated" that night and got his fave. blue moon beer, and along with his steak and salad he ordered the peach pie. He said since he had already screwed it up with the beer he might as well get the pie, too ;) Despite all that, he has lost some weight and I am very proud of him! :) Anyway, the night was really fun.. we ended up there at the restaurant over 2 hrs, and I think towards the end they were trying to kick us out, ha. They suggested going to a local bar after that, and I said ok because I didn't want to go home yet. But it was somewhere I had never been before and it was a major hole in the wall and everyone was dancing and it was LOUD in there. I felt clausterphobic and we ended up going home. I felt so lame and old but at least we had fun most of the night! :)

Saturday morning early we went to pick up the kids at mom and dad's house. Then we did a little shopping. I love hitting up consignment, thrift, and used book stores on Saturdays when I get the chance.. It is my new "thing." I get very excited over good deals and awesome finds! I took Arnold and the kids to a bookstore I had discovered thanks to my friend, Jackie, and they all picked out a new book. Brooke is now into the "Magic Treehouse" series.. can't believe my little girl is already starting to read chapter books! Then we went to a kids' consignment store and I got some jeans and stuff for the girls. I also ran into Goodwill and found some great "easy reader" books in great condition for the kids, and a "doctor" Barbie for Brooke. It was a good morning, if I say so!

At 12 noon we met Arnold's family over at Village Inn Pizza. His sister turned 40 on Saturday! Even though that is a "big" number, she does not look it and she is still awesome ;) We all got together to celebrate, and sort of celebrate Arnold's bday too, which was on the 1st. We had to wait because poor Jenn had the stomach bug earlier in the week! We had a great time, ate lots of pizza and salad, and the kids got to see lots of family and cousins.. they were having a blast. We gave Jenn her gift too, I had gotten her the "Hunger Games" book because I want her to get hooked so she can go watch the movies with me! :) And a set of homeade coasters like we made our moms back at Christmas, and a pretty cross necklace! I love picking out gifts for other people, it is always so much fun :)

Sunday I got up early and went to church.. it was first Sunday so my week in the baby class! Arnold was tired and said he would bring the kids to church later on. We had several babies in there this week, so thank goodness we had 3 workers in there. A new little guy I hadn't seen before came in this week, only a few months old, and I got to feed him his bottle and hold him while he slept.. it was heavenly! I even sniffed in the wonderful baby smell from his head.. no I am not weird, I just love babies! ;) Turns out he has some heart issues, and I don't know the whole story, but we had to keep him away from the other kids and be sure to use lots of hand sanitizer, because it is extra risky if he gets sick. Poor little guy!

That afternoon we all went home and ate lunch and the kids played in their rooms for awhile, while I caught up on even MORE Grey's Anatomy. It is getting better and better as I go on.. best show ever!!! I am so glad my friends convinced me to finally give it a shot ;) My faves are turning out to be George (he is loveable and a dork like me!) And Miranda-- she is hilarious and always cracking me up. Can't wait to see what else happens in future seasons! 

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! :)

Checking out some guitars at the music center on Saturday. Arnold is starting to give the big kids guitar lessons, and wants to eventually get them their own "student" guitars. 

Brooke and Rachel checking out some birds at the pet store on Saturday. We went in there to pass some time, and got the kitty some new toys and the dogs some chew bones :) Rachel loves the animals and now tells us she wants a chinchilla for a pet, ha! :)

I found this kit at Target to make a homeade Valentine's Day banner. The kids all helped decorate it, and we hung it up on our mantel over the weekend :)

Lunch at Village Inn on Saturday. Haha, Jenn is on the phone and Brooke has a piece of pizza in her mouth. Classic picture :)

Caleb asked for quarters for the little machines up front, and got a tattoo. He wanted Arnold to put it on him right away and he was so proud, lol! :)


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. :) I, too, am a lover of thrift stores. You can find such great things!

    Have a great week.

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