Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend In Review

We had a long weekend this time around. Because of Martin Luther King day, the kids had the day off from school. It also happened to be our anniversary, so Arnold took the day off :)

Friday morning we woke up to some light, light snow outside. It snowed Thursday night, but it had been raining all day and never even got that cold outside, so none of it stuck. The kids were really disappointed, they had wanted to play outside in it. Even before it had started snowing, the schools called for 3-hr delays. That is what happens here in the South, no one thinks you can function when it snows! Some of the schools in the area went ahead and called the whole day off, but Brooke and Caleb's school stayed in, so I took them at 10:30. It was nice to have all that time that morning to get ready, and not have to rush! Then Rachel and I went to do the grocery shopping. I was surprised, but there was still some bread and milk left on the shelves ;) I didn't do our shopping until AFTER the "Winter Storm" so I was living in the edge ;) haha! 

This weekend, the band Arnold is in played two shows, back to back, at the local country bar they play at often. I didn't have sitters for both nights, so I decided to wait and go Saturday and stayed at home Friday night with the kids. Arnold was able to stay at home and eat dinner with us, and left out around 6ish. The kids and I hung out and played and read books until it was time for them to go to bed. Then I rented a movie and stayed up watching it and eating cookies ;) I rented "Hope Springs" which I had been wanting to see forever. It was pretty good, but more "heartwarming" than "funny." So I am glad I watched it without Arnold, because I don't think he would have liked it very much! And it was so weird to see Steve Carrell being serious, I'm not used to that ;) After the movie I read some and then was asleep by 11:30pm. Yeah I am wild! ;) Arnold didn't get in until 3am, and of course he was exhausted.

Saturday morning we lounged around for awhile. Arnold slept as long as he could to make up for coming in so late. Then we went out to do some shopping. We went to Toys R Us to pick out a birthday present for one of my best friend's sons, who is turning 2. We picked a toy guitar.. mostly Arnold's doing of course ;) They also had some great deals on baby stuff, and I picked out some baby girl outfits for my friend Chrissy due in June. And even teeny, tiny sandals with flowers! I loooove baby clothes, especially baby girl stuff! I love being able to buy it again! :) Then we stopped by Krispy Kreme and bought a dozen glazed donuts to share. I can't believe we didn't go by Dunkin Donuts, I keep forgetting to try that place out! Then we went to a few more places and went back home to get the kids packed up and ready to leave.

That night Brooke went to a sleepover with her cousin, Bekah. My sister-in-law said that she would watch Brooke overnight while I went to the show to see Arnold. Brooke was soo thrilled, she is always begging me to go spend the night with people. They had a great time, watching movies, eating snacks, and playing Kirby on the Wii. Brooke stayed up really, really late. I know she loved that :) Anyway, Rachel and Caleb went to spend the night with their Grandparents. Since we were dropping them off around 5 and still had several hours until the show, Arnold and I went on a date. We wanted to go to Applebees, but it was PACKED, so we just went to Quizno's instead :) Then we walked around the mall for awhile, and surprisingly I didn't buy a single thing! (but I wanted to ;) Then we went by Sweet Frog so Arnold could try it out. This time I ventured out and got EIGHT cherries on my icecream (I love cherries, ok?!) and added some reese's cup crumbles. It was soo good. Arnold said it was good, but probably not worth it for the price. He always has to complain doesn't he ;) And we even ran into Jess and Stephen there too, having a date also. Sweet Frog is the "it place" to go now I guess ;)

We went home and Arnold was packing up his guitars to go to the show, and I started feeling some pain in my lower right back, right around my kidney. It came on sudden and made me feel horrible. I have had issues with it in the past, and had lots of recurrent kidney infections, so I figured that is what was going on. Perfect timing right? The night we had sitters and everything. So even though I hated it, I stayed at home and went to bed. I found out later that one of Arnold's friends in the band had planned to let him get off the stage and slow dance with me when they played "Wonderful Tonight" in dedication to our anniversary. I HATE I missed that.. that is so romantic :( Oh well, at least I got a lot of sleep. And I mean a LOT, I think I was in bed 13 hrs total. But I can tell I needed the rest. 

Sunday morning we slept in and no we didn't go to church (I know, we are bad!) but Arnold was so tired from the back to back gigs, and I was still feeling a little sore. We got up and ate bowls of fruit loops together and watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy, ha. Then we met the kids and their grandparents up at Bojangles after they went to church with them, and we all had lunch. I don't think the kids were ready to come home yet, they had had a blast. 

Monday we went out to lunch at the Snack Bar. We had to share our anniversary with the kids, and they weren't that well-behaved but oh well. We also went by the store to pick up some birthday cards for friends and some Valentine's Day goodies. We then rented the new "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" movie and we all set together and watched it, while eating sour gummy worms. Haha, don't we know how to have fun ;) And the rest of the afternoon we just lounged around. That night Arnold and I made chicken and some "cheesy bacon potatoes" for dinner. I had found the recipe on Pinterest. It didn't turn out as good as it looked on the computer, but nothing does! ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :D

Arnold has been giving the kids guitar lessons lately. His dad even got them their own "kid-sized" guitar to practice with. They are doing pretty well, and seem interested so far :)

Rachel that skirt is awful short! haha!

At the store, checking out some books

Ready for our date Saturday night. Too bad it ended too quick :(

Arnold eating his icecream at Sweet Frog. 

Rachel trying on some Valentine's headbands at the store :)

Brooke is mixing the holidays, haha

Out to lunch at the Snack Bar

Arnold and his little look-alike

Arnold cutting up some chicken for dinner on Monday

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