Wednesday, January 23, 2013

That's Pinteresting!

Here are some ideas from Pinterest that I am loving this week!

Frame and hangup your kid's artwork. You can switch out every so often.

Dry strawberries in the oven. Gives it a really sweet taste "like candy." That is what they say, anyway! Might be worth a try.

A little Get Well gift for someone. Throwing in stuff like kleenex, honey, chapstick, etc.

Decorating glass containers with scrapbook stickers to make them pretty

Doing the family's handprints and framing it. So sweet.

Happy toast! My kids would love this. I will have to do this soon for them, maybe on the morning before the big spelling test?? :)

Organize your medicines. In one of those organizers with drawers. And you label them by TYPES of meds to make it easier and quicker to find when you need it.

Loved this beautiful necklace. Great for a Mother-in-law. 

Love this shade of nail polish. I want Spring to hurry up and get here!

Oreo truffles, that are supposedly easy to make. Yum!

Have a Pinterest party! Everyone brings a recipe, craft, or something they found on there and want to try. this actually sounds really fun!

I love this Bible verse. Good to remember during the tough times.

Use spice racks in the bathroom to hold all your bottles. Get them off the counter and out of the way! Great way to organize.

I love this tattoo! Great reminder to have with you at all times. 

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  1. I love these ideas!! Those Oreo truffles look incredible..