Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that there are only 4 more days of Christmas break for the kids. I love my kids soo much but after being out of school this long they are bored, and driving me nuts!!!
~I'm loving that I totally surprised Arnold the other day with his bday gift. I stopped by Barnes and Noble and got him a big coffee-table style book on Led Zeppelin, and a "Classic Guitars" calandar for work. He loved both things.. I'm just glad i found something!!
~I'm loving that we spent New Year's Eve with several friends, at my friend Joanne's house. We had snacks, played games on the Wii, watched tv, and just had a great time. I think it is going to be a yearly tradition from now on!
~I'm loving that we were able to get out and do something for Arnold's birthday yesterday. We went and had lunch at Shell's. We wanted to do Village Inn (his fave) but they were closed!
~I'm loving that we found out that Brooke's dental work tomorrow will be covered by Arnold's flex-play spending plan at work. It JUST went into effect yesterday! Man, God was really looking out for us, we were going to have to pay hundreds out of pocket!
~I'm loving Grey's Anatomy!!!! I know that I am late on this like everything else, but I got HOOKED and now try to watch episodes every night! I am on season 2 now. The story line is great. I am trying to close my eyes during the nasty parts because I do not like blood!!!
~I'm loving that we have the possibility of a Friday night date this week! Just found out about it and have to ask around for sitters but I am excited! :)
~I'm loving that the movie "Pitch Perfect" finally came out on dvd. I have been wanting to see it! I hear it is hilarious.
~I'm loving that our "Ebay bucks" are sent to us tomorrow. I am going to try to use them on a new book I have been wanting. It isn't much but at least it is money off my next purchase!
~I'm loving that we were finally able to schedule Brooke a dr appt. They are wanting to check her out because of her history of seizures, having trouble at school with attention/focus and all that. I am really hoping to get some answers! I just want her to be well and able to do well at school!
And here are a few pics from New Year's Eve :)

Me with one of my best friends ever, Joanne :)
Celebrating at midnight with some sparkly juice :)

Caleb being anti-social and playing his Nintendo DS
I don't really care for this pic because I look like the man of the relationship, haha! And what is up with Arnold's face? oh well.


  1. Love your loving list! That is awesome news about the dental work being covered. I live when God is so evident in our lives. :)
    Your pictures are fantastic. I giggled at the comment about you being the man in the picture...hardly girl! You are too pretty!!

  2. aw thank you, that is too sweet :)