Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekend in Review

Friday was a typical day around here. Brooke and Caleb went to school and Rachel and I stayed around here and didn't do much. Brooke has spelling tests every friday and usually she does GREAT on them. But something happened this week, and she came home with a 58 on her test!!! I was shocked! Her explanation was that Rachel had kept her up the night before, and she didn't get much sleep. :-/ Sheesh! Always blaming stuff on her sister, even at this young age. I guess more studying is in order this week! Friday evening I stayed up late and watched five.. yes seriously five.. episodes of Grey's Anatomy. We kept trying to turn it off and go to bed but it was soooo good. So much happened in those episodes and I was on the edge of my seat (literally) and it was so good! We finished Season 2 and are officially into Season 3 now :)

Saturday, Arnold and his dad took Caleb to the Monster Jam in Charlotte! Caleb had never been to one, but they knew he would want to, so his Paw got tickets and they decided to have a boy's day. They asked Brooke if she wanted to go, but her eyes just kindof glazed over when they were explaining to her what it was all about (ha!) So since they were going to be gone, the girls and I decided to have a girls' day. Unfortunately it was really cloudy and rained off and on, so we didnt' get to do much outside like we had planned. But we did go meet my mom and try out Sweet Frog! Once again, I am behind on the times. But I am glad we went, because it is awesome. You pick from several kinds of frozen yogurt, then you pick from TONS of toppings, including candy, nuts, sprinkles, fruit, and all sorts of things. THEN you even can pick from an assortment of liquid toppings like strawberry, chocolate syrup, and all that. Then they charge you based on the weight of your cup. So the more toppings the more expensive, but if you like that kind of thing, it is great! The girls got strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, gummy worms, cherries, and nerds.. and then I had to cut them off, ha! It was really yummy though, and I can't wait to go back soon so Arnold and Caleb can try it out too. Did I mention, I even liked the colors in there? Bright green-- my favorite color! :)

Right after the icecream I took the kids to a park close to our house. It was actually around 70 degrees that day, a near-record high for this time of year. So I THOUGHT we would get some play time in. Within 10 minutes or less of being there, it started raining though. So we went on home. The girls got to ride their bikes around the carport for awhile, shielded from the rain, while I cleaned out our minivan. Man, that thing can get dirty quick with 3 kids! I found books, papers, toys, old sippy cups (eww) and more. But it always feels good to get it cleaned out. Anyway, later that evening Arnold and Caleb got home. And we were right.. Caleb had had a blast, and couldn't stop talking about it. when Caleb gets hooked on something, that is all he will talk about for awhile. I am now wondering if he will want a monster trucks birthday party ;) His Paw even bought him an icee in a big Gravedigger cup, and he brought the cup home and asked if he could use it at dinner. He was so cute about the whole thing, I am glad they had fun :)

Sunday I had baby class again. We somehow ended up with EIGHT kids, and it was crazy nuts in there! Most of them were toddlers though, so we moved them up to the next classroom. My buddy, Connor, was back again this week and as soon as he started fussing I took him to the rocker to feed him his bottle. I talked to him the entire time, and he laid there staring at me, and after awhile he spit out his bottle and gave me the biggest grin! It just melted my heart! Man I miss my kids being that small, I swear I teared up a little bit while rocking him. Mamas of babies.. enjoy it while it lasts!!! I am glad I was busy with him, because it seemed to be a crappy day (literally) for the kids, and they all decided to poop at once. Thank goodness Kim was awesome enough to change the diapers ;)

We didn't do much the rest of Sunday.. not much to tell. But It was a great weekend. And I am looking even more forward to this weekend because we have a TON planned! :D

The kids all playing their electronics

Outside of Sweet Frog on Saturday

Eating their icecream

My icecream.. chocolate with reese's pieces, and a cherry on top. Pretty boring to some, but it's what I like! Check it out, they even had green spoons!! That makes me happy :)

Playing at the park for the short time we were there

Me carrying around baby Connor on Sunday at church. He is SO sweet!

The girls after church in their new outfits. Caleb sort of photo-bombed at the last minute ;)

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