Monday, January 21, 2013

Lucky Number 7 :)

Today is mine and Arnold's anniversary. 7 years ago, on a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon, we got married in the church I grew up in. I was worried that it was dreary and rainy outside, but everyone told me rain was a sign of good luck on your wedding day ;) My mom was so great helping me plan the entire wedding, pick out my dream dress, and keep me calm on that day. 

I remember sitting in a back classroom, eating Burger King with my bridesmaids, right before getting ready. Although I wasn't really eating at all, I was too nervous. I remember my Aunt coming in the room, she had just gotten in town from Raleigh. I remember everyone helping me get into my dress, and my friends doing my hair and makeup. I remember Arnold's mom following everyone around with a video camera, making everyone a little bit crazy! I remember walking up the stairs to the sanctuary, everything blurring together, I was just trying to remember that day. I remember my dad taking my arm in his, the music starting to play, and us eventually walking down the aisle. I remember the bright red rash that showed up on my neck and chest (I get it whenever I am nervous!) and it showed up in all my professional pictures ;) I remember the look on Arnold's eyes when I saw him standing there, and how there were tears in his eyes. I remember looking at the front row and watching my parents, and there were tears in their eyes, too. I remember saying vows, exchanging rings, and that special wedding kiss. I remember being so excited and nervous that I accidentally left my bouquet with my Maid of Honor instead of carrying it out with me. I remember eating snacks and making small talk with everyone at the reception. I remember Arnold feeding me wedding cake, and not being "mean" and smearing it all over my face :) I remember walking out to his truck, and everyone blowing bubbles at us. I remember Arnold carrying all his clothes and stuff out in a big plastic bag (classy, right?!) I remember driving to the cemetary and placing my red roses on my grandma's graves before driving to the mountains. I remember wearing my "BRIDE" shirt that I handmade myself. I remember calling our parents' to let them know we got there ok. I remember eating Wendy's in bed that night instead of a fancy dinner, because we were just that tired. I remember the first time Arnold called me "Mrs. Deal." :)

I love you Arnold, thank you for 7 of the best years ever :)

At our wedding reception

Me with my dad, before the wedding :)


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I love going back and remembering details of our wedding day.

    Enjoy celebrating!

  2. Happy, happy anniversary!!! May the next 7 years be even greater. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! I remember that day too!