Saturday, September 26, 2009


Arnold is in a band with some of his friends from work. They call themselves "EKP" which stands for The Eric Kent Project. Eric Kent is a friend from work who is still learning guitar and didnt want to be in the actual band so hes their "manager" lol and they always practice at his house. They wanted him included somehow so they made his name part of the Band Name.

Anyway, theres this place in Morganton called the Catawba Valley Brewing Company.. its this place that looks like a little club and they brew their own beers there. They have a bar, tables set up, pool tables, and a stage where local bands come and play. Thurs nights are Open Mic nights, so EKP decided to call up there and see if they could play.. so they did this past Thursday. It was a big stage and there was some really nice equipment.. and of course it was their first gig, so the guys were pretty excited :-)

This is a pic of Arnold playing.. he had so much fun :)

Anyway, they played 2 sets, one at 6:30, and one at 8. They play classic rock, so they did some Eric Clapton songs, skynyrd songs, Tom Petty songs, etc. They did really well. The people that were there hanging out seemed to like them, too. the last song they decided to do was "Freebird" and Arnold really didnt want to do it because they hadnt practiced it that much.. but they did it anyway. They messed up big time... it wasnt really their fault, their singer was SO DRUNK by the end of the evening it was ridiculous. He was nervous and was just downing beers left and rihgt. I lost count of how many he had, seriously. He forgot the words to the song.. and kept messing them up. They finished the song anyway, but i could tell they were embarassed. Overall though it was great. They said they had fun and thats what matters. They said they probably wont do any more gigs in the future, but i can tell theyre considering it ;-)

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