Friday, September 18, 2009

Sick Baby...

Yesterday I had to take Rachel to the Dr. I always dread taking my kids to the Dr because it always means a long wait and an unhappy kid :( But anyway, Rachel had been bad diarrhea for the past week or so, and it gave her a rash, and the rash had gotten so bad that it was open sores, and she screamed every time i changed her diaper :( So i called and made an appt. I got the 4:10 appt, and they are always packed in the afternoons, so we had to wait awhile. I sat near another mom in the waiting room and we chatted for awhile about our kids.. I was proud of myself, I usually am so shy but Im starting to come out of my shell more and more as time goes on. She was wearing her ladybug onesie and matching hat that i bought her online at Crazy 8 (they have the cutest kids' clothes, and not badly priced at all!) And she got so many "awwwws" by the nurses.. everyone kept saying "look at the cute little ladybug!"

There is a pic of her in her outfit before we left above.. her hat was still a little big on her ;-)

Anyway, we finally got called back to a room. rachel got weighed and is 12 lbs 8 ozs.. shes my big girl.. she definately loves to eat! :) And they took her temp and it was normal.. said she seemed fine to them, didnt think it was a bug. The dr said it was difficult to pinpoint the reason for diarrhea lots of times.. but that Rachels stomach needed a rest from food... so we needed to put her on a 24-hr diet of just pedialyte. I was already thinking MY POOR BABY.. lol i just knew shed be sad wondering where her food was. Then we were supposed to start slowly adding formula back into her diet and see how she does. I hope it works and the diarrhea goes away, because i dont care to make another visit up there! And i know Rachel doesnt care to either ;-) Also, she said for the rash they usually prescribe this high-powered cream thats made up of 3 ingredients and it costs like $35, even with insurance! :-0 So she gave me the over-the-counter names of the ingredients that are in the cream, and said i was welcome to go get them, mix them, and make our own cream. So i went out last night and did that.. and it still cost us $20 to make the cream and its not that much at all! But if it works, its worth it.
Have to mention what the nurse did-- She was about to leave the room, and said "I guess the baby looks like her daddy, huh?" And i said "yeah... i guess so???" And she said "Because she doesnt favor you at all." Then she just walked out of the room!!!!!! I was speechless. She said it in the most serious and monotone voice ever.. she wasnt joking around at all. I mean.. who cares who my kids look like? They are my kids and i love them! I was pretty offended by what she said. Note: Idont mind my kids looking like their daddy at all! But that woman was rude! Ok.. sorry for the vent.. but I just found that very strange.....
Didnt get home from the appt till around 5:30... and of course the kids were starving by then.. so we just loaded them up and went to Geppettos for dinner. It had been a long time since we went out w/ all 3 kids and did something as a family, so it was fun :)

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  1. That was kind of rude of that nurse!!! I hope Rachel feels better soon!!!