Friday, September 25, 2009

Randomness from the Week..

I meant to get around to writing some on here this week, but it was a busy week and it just got away from me! So heres a summary of the week :)

Monday morning i had to go in for my weekly bloodwork, to check my coumadin levels. They were STILL low, so they upped me to 10mg every day, at least until my next check. For those who dont know, thats a very high dose of blood thinners, and im at a big risk of bleeding now.. so i have to be careful. I just hope my levels even out again soon. The dr said i could start taking an iron pill to help w/ my anemia, and hopefully help w/ the dizzy spells.. so far it seems to be working :) Monday night I went to my first official Girl scout meeting with my Brownie Troop. My Sister-in-law and I are leading the group. we only have a few girls in our group,but that should be good.. we'll be able to do more things that way, I think. The girls seem really sweet.. and I think we'll have a fun year! Our 1st big trip is planned for next month-- we're going to the Columbia Zoo in SC! :) I think Brooke will be coming along also, which im excited about since shes never been to a zoo before. Anyway, our meetings will be every Monday night and im excited to be doing this because it takes me back to the days when I was a scout myself :)

I never blogged about this, but last Saturday evening we discovered we had a leak in one of our pipes! Arnold heard running water even though all the water was off. It was bad enough that we had to cut the water off to all of the house. He could turn it on for me to take 2-minute(literally) showers or flush the toilet when we really needed to, but otherwise, we were without water. it was AWFUL. We had to buy gallons of water at the store and use them to wash out babybottles and sipcups.. it took almost a whole one just to wash them a few times.. it felt like such a waste! :( Tuesday evening i went out with the Hickory Moms group to MNO at Outback Steakhouse. It was so nice to get away and have a meal w/ some friends! When i got home the water was back on! Arnold and his Uncle Gene had been working on things while I was gone. I was sooo relieved! You dont realize how much you rely on water until you lose it for 3 days!

Wednesday was basically spent WORKING my butt off because i had loads and loads of laundry to do, and a pile of dishes to wash since we hadnt had the water for days. Its amazing how quick that stuff adds up! I also got started packing away rachels 0/3 month clothes that shes outgrown. She had a TON of clothes.. and no, she didnt get to wear every single outfit.. **holds head down in shame** I think i went overboard with the shopping when I was pregnant-- but who can resist cute Baby Girl clothes?!! ;-) I then refilled the closet with her 3/6 month stuff.. she has some cute stuff that I cant wait for her to wear! I love dressing her up and taking pics! Believe me, shes my last baby, so there will be lots of pics! :)

Yesterday evening (Thurs evening) Arnold's band had their first gig.. which was so much fun to go watch, but ill write about that in another blog :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

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  1. Hey, don't worry about having too much stuff! You can always hold on to it for me....just in case we have a girl with our next try. =D wink, wink, hint, hint! lol