Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Accomplishment!!

We have been working with Brooke for awhile on the whole Potty thing, but she just didn't seem interested. Then all of a sudden the other day I caught her stripped down naked, sitting on the toilet! She jumped up when she saw me, and wiped and flushed and said ALL DONE! Great huh? Well she hadn't done anything ;-) But at least she was interested-- that's a great sign. Well the next day I was putting Caleb down for a nap and she had gone back to the potty again without me knowing and this time she did something-- she pooped in the potty! (Man i hate talking about bodily functions, but when you re a mom you get excited about things like this! ;-) Anyway, that was her very first time and i was so excited :D The bad news is she had made a HUGE mess.. wont go into details.. but Arnold was the one who cleaned it up :-P Anyway, i just hope she decides to keep it up. Because having 3 in diapers is sooo expensive! Not to mention that its hard keeping track who had a diaper when throughout the day. I cant wait to get her trained and go shopping for big girl panties for her.. she keeps talking about wearing big girl panties, I know shes excited :)

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