Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brooke Discovered Guitar!

She's wearing a diaper, just so ya know.. shes a 3-year old, she likes to run around without clothes on for some reason! :-P

Most of you know that Arnold loves to play guitar.. and he has been playing for several years now. Well he always said when we had kids that he couldnt wait to teach them guitar one day. he said he wanted to get brooke her own guitar for her 4th or 5th Christmas. well anyway, the other night out of nowhere Brooke said "Daddy i want guitar!" And of course Arnold's face lit up and he looked proud :-P He has one in the basement thats kind of a beat up one but it still works. So he went and got it, along with one of his good ones, that he plays. And he and Brooke sat on the couch for awhile hanging out. Daddy/daughter bonding, gotta love it :) He tried showing her some things but of course she wasnt interested, she just was happy to hold the guitar in her lap :) It was so cute though, and I got a few pics of it. The next day she saw the beat up guitar laying in the kitchen and said "THATS BROOKES GUITAR!!' haha.. and so it begins :)

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