Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rachel is 3 Months Old!

Rachel turned 3 months old on Friday! Wow, the time is just flying by! She is the sweetest baby, she hardly ever cries unless she wants to eat or isn't feeling well. And when she does, its more like a whine. arnold calls her our Baby Taradactyl (no clue on spelling! but you know--the dinosaur ;-) because her cries are this funny screechy sound, its hard to explain, but its cute :) She is very sociable and loves for anyone and everyone to hold her.. she smiles the second I go to pick her up out of her bassinet when she wakes up in the morning :)

So far I think shes starting to feel better.. this weekend we slowly started introducing her formula back into her diet. Today was our first try at ALL formula, so we'll see how that goes. But the number of dirty diapers she has a day has decreased, so thats a good sign. :)

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