Monday, September 28, 2009

My Big 3-Year Old!

I took Brooke in to the Dr this afternoon for her 3-year checkup. The whole way there she kept asking "where are we going mommy???" And i told her she was going for her checkup. She thought i said "ketchup" and she got excited. That kid loves putting ketchup on everything :-P Anyway, we got there and she ran around the waiting room like crazy... 3 year olds are full of energy.. id give anything to have a teeny bit of that energy that she has!
Anyway, we first went to get her weighed. She is 39 lbs now! :-0 They said only one more pound and she'll be able to ride in a booster seat instead of a carseat! But that carseats are safer, so to keep her in one until she really outgrows it or gets really uncomfortable. Then they measured her and she was 41 inches tall!! She is 3 1/2 feet tall! I know that shouldnt be surprising since im so tall, but it still is :-P She is basically the size of a 5 year old! She has the stats! She is in the 95th percentile for weight and off the charts for height. They arent worried about her weight b/c she is so tall! They said taller kids are going to be bigger. And they are happy about how well she eats, shes not picky at all! This kid actually ASKS for salad! We were blessed with a good eater :)
They then took her bloodpressure and shed never had that done before so she was very nervous. She started crying and just acting pitiful. She actually got a high reading for her age. So they did it again at the end of the appt, and it was still high. The dr said it was probably from her being so upset and fidgeting, but just to be sure, shes getting rechecked in 3 months. They also checked her ears, and she passed the test, she can hear fine!
Then we went back to a room. The dr asked her to do a few things, like tell her how old she was, name a friend, identify a few colors and shapes.. and she did it all for her! I was so proud! Shes usually pretty shy around people she doesnt know but she warmed up to the Dr pretty quickly. Then she did an exam on her and checked her lungs, heart, spine and reflexes, and all that checked out good :) Lastly she had to get a flu shot.. in her thigh.. poor thing! :( But she actually did ok! She said OUCH! haha.. she didnt even cry. She was excited about getting an orange bandaid :) And the dr also gave her some princess stickers which kept her busy.
I was just so proud at how well she did at her checkup! I couldnt have asked for it to go any better! Im just so glad shes a healthy and happy little girl! :)

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  1. I'm glad the checkup went so well and she was so good :)