Monday, September 28, 2009

Rachel's Christening

Yesterday (September 27th) we had Rachel's Christening. Its actually called a Baby Dedication at our church. But anyway, Mom and i went shopping at Sears and got her dress.. it was so pretty! Came with the matching bonnet which was cute but kept slipping down over Rachels eyes :-P She would have worn mine, like Brooke did, but she was too big for it! I call her my little chunky monkey :-P Our whole family was there, which was really special. Right after the Christening we took the kids and stayed in the nursery for the rest of the service because brooke and caleb were acting up. The church gave Rachel a gift-- her very own Bible. It was pink, and had a flower on it... so cute for a girl. They also had it personalized with her name and birthday on it, i thought that was so neat! Her Uncle Dwight and Aunt Margaret got her a card and a 14k gold cross necklace, it was so pretty! She'll really treasure those things one day :)
After church our whole family went out to lunch at O'Charleys. Rachel slept thru the whole thing ;-) We always joke that she sleeps through big events-- she also slept thru Arnolds' band playing at the bar last week.. I cant believe she can sleep thru so much noise! But anyway, I had brunch (eggs, bacon and pancakes) and it was yummy! After that we went home and put the kids down for a nap.
All in all it was a great day. I just wished we could have gotten a family pic in front of the church like we did with Brooke and Caleb... oh well.

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