Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rainy Saturday

I wasnt surprised to wake up to another rainy day. Its been raining so much lately! I dont mind the rain but after awhile its annoying because I go stir-crazy.. and the kids hate not being able to go outside and play.

But anyway, this morning Arnold didnt have to work! He usually doesnt work Saturdays anyway, but lately theyve been swamped at work and their boss has been asking them to work some Saturdays. Since he was off I got to sleep in! That was esepcially helpful because the sleeping pill i have to take at night takes awhile to wear off in the mornings, so it was nice to have help with the kids.

And as I expected, after awhile the kids started to get stir-crazy. We had been watching tv all morning and then had lunch, and we didnt know what else to do. So we decided to take the kids to the library for the 1st time! Perfect rainy-day activity, right?? Everyone knows how much I love to read.. i used to go to the library all the time, but I actually havent been to the one thats right down the road from us. Its literally 3 mins from our house. But we live in Hildebran, so of course its a really small library with not a very big selection. But the kids' section was so neat. They had this whole area set up with kids' books, beanbag chairs, toys, and a little table with stuff set out to color. Of course the kids went straight to that ;-) I was looking around at their selection of books and I actually found a new book out by an author I love! I am so thrilled because its still out in hardback and i didnt want to pay $20 to buy a book and probably only read it once. So i checked it out and i cant wait to start reading it. The kids also picked a few books to take home, including a Curious George book (theyre really into him these days) :) We had a really hard time getting them out of there, they didnt want to leave... but the librarian gave them both bookmarks to take home so they were happy about that and that helped prevent a meltdown when we were leaving. I think ill plan to take them back again soon... it would be something fun for us to do throught the week when we get bored. :)

Some of you know that Arnolds' band was supposed to play this afternoon at a Festival in Hildebran.. but they got rained out :( Bummer. I was really excited about taking the kids out to see him play. But at least it got rescheduled for next weekend. So it had better not rain AGAIN next weekend :(

Well anyway, I have no clue what we're going to do the rest of the day. Since its a rainy day im tempted to curl up in a chair with a blanket and start reading my book, but I know Rachel wont let me do that ;-)

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