Monday, September 28, 2009

Girl Scout Kickoff

Hiking outside with my Brownie Troop

Tonight for our girlscout meeting we had a get-together at Sain Recreational Center.. it was a kickoff for the year. We were going to have a cookout and pool party, but it was soo chilly and windy tonight! So we ended up just having a cookout. A policeman came out and talked to the older girls, and we took our Brownie troop down to the creek, and walking through the woods. I was NOT expecting that.. i was wearing flip flops and nearly tripped a dozen times :-P The girls were so excited to be playing outside, and sad they didnt get to swim. I was shocked at how quickly the weather turned cold! Fall is definately upon us! Im happy, because I love Fall.. but im a little sad that the evenings are getting too cool to play outside.. im going to miss taking Brooke and Caleb out to play in the evenings.

Anyway, tonight was pretty fun. Next Monday we just have a regular meeting.. so Jennifer and I will have to decide what we're doing w/ the girls next week (Jenn is my sister-in-law and the other leader of our troop). Im really enjoying this so far.. I cant wait for us to start doing some fun things. Our 1st big trip is planned for next month-- we're going to the Columbia Zoo in SC. We also want to plan a slumber party at the church for the girls.. that will be so much fun! This is really taking me back to my childhood. I had a lot of fun in scouts.. and its fun to see these girls having a good time! Im glad i get to be a part of it :)


  1. I'm glad you all are having a good time :D

    When we left Chuck E Cheese this evening the wind nearly blew us away. I was like, OMG when did it get so windy?? lol

  2. I LOVED scouts as a kid. I am still in touch with most everyone from my troop!! Glad you're enjoying it!