Monday, December 28, 2009

*Calebs Dr Appt*

I forgot to post about this last week.. Caleb woke up with a pink and swollen eye last Wed. and my first thought was that it was pink eye, so I called the DR and they said to bring him in. Well that day my mom had gone to Raleigh to visit some family and taken Brooke with her, so I only had Rachel and Caleb that day.. it was an easy day! I think caleb and I bonded some that day :) Anyway, I didnt want to take Rachel to the DR too and risk her getting sick, so my FIL came over and watched her. When we got there Caleb got weighed and he was 31 lbs! He is finally starting to put some weight on! Hes always been a little skinny for his age. The dr then looked at his eye... she said it wasnt pink eye (thank goodness) and it looked like an allergic reaction to something. I couldnt figure out what he could have come in contact with... but anyway. She said to give him benadryl. We did, and it made him cranky! But at least his eye cleared up! I still wonder what had bothered his eye.

Anyway, that evening we went next door to Aunt Nancy's house and gave Peyton and Carter their Christmas gifts. We got ours too while we were there. Aunt Nancy and Gene gave Arnold and I chocolate, cash, and a GC to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. We used it that night, we just have no patience ;-) Caleb got a hotwheels racetrack and he couldnt wait to break into that thing.. neither could Arnold, haha! He loved playing with cars when he was little. They had blast playing with that that evening. Brooke got Baby Alive, the one that "pees and poops" and has stuff to mix up in a bottle for her.. needless to say i havent tried that out yet w/ her b/c itll be messy! She also cries and moves, shes really cute.. Even caleb wasnted to play with her :) Rachel got one of those walking/ride on toys that grows with them, shes a little young for it still, but im sure she'll love it! :)

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